Printable Labels – Personalized for Your Room

Tell me I’m not alone — I totally LOVE labels (here are more of my favorite labels)!  It’s impossible to organize the playroom and keep it that way without labels!  Check out these fun labels I made to share!  The cool thing about these Printable Labels – Personalized for Your Room!  Check it out —

Labels for Toy Basket @ItsOverflowing 7

First, let me start with the bins…I hunted everywhere for a bin that was boyish, would be useable in other rooms if I got rid of all the toys, was sturdy, had a fun texture, and held a large amount of toys.  Let me introduce you to ‘My Favorite Toy Bins’ — found at Target.  And right now they’re marked down just a bit.


Why do I need bins!?!  You may remember from wwwwaaaayyyy back I mentioned on instagram that I had a FUN Friday night — at IKEA!


Almost this much fun, but thankfully Stud slowed me down!  Can you guess what I bought for the boys room!?!

Big Purchase from Ikea

Back to the bins — I knew I needed labels for mine so I sat down and started thinking through all the toys my boys have (too many if you ask me).

Labels for Toy Basket @ItsOverflowing

Then I tested printing the labels on regular paper and it turned out just right so I put my ‘Fancy’ paper in the printer and it came out perfect!  If you aren’t as big of a fan of neutrals as me, have at it — go wild and crazy with your paper (just make sure the black font shows up).  Yep, these printables can be personalized to work with your room decor!  Just make sure whatever you’re using is 8 1/2 x 11 letter size.

Labels for Toy Basket @ItsOverflowing 2

Something about dirty little boy hands holding Superheros does this mommy heart good!

Labels for Toy Basket @ItsOverflowing 3

Too Many — Thanks to Our Sweet Neighbor Two Houses Ago!

Labels for Toy Basket @ItsOverflowing 4

Long ago I was given this laminator and made a free morning checkoff printable.  I’ve used the laminator time and time again – it still works perfectly!  If you don’t have this machine, no worries — you can also use the no heat laminator sheets or stop by an office store and they let you laminate a sheet for about a dollar (learned that fun tip from my friend at 52Mantels)!

Labels for Toy Basket @ItsOverflowing 6

Tah Dah!

I used words instead of pictures because with this many bins, if my little sweeties can start associating words with what is inside — I’m totally setting them up for success!

Labels for Toy Basket @ItsOverflowing 7

I used my favorite paper cutter (which I actually hope Santa upgrades this Christmas).   I’m thinking about the one made by Fiskars that folds out and has LED lights, but I’m open to suggestions!  Have one you’d like to recommend?

Labels for Toy Basket @ItsOverflowing 8

Almost every store has these little round velcros – I found mine at Walmart.  Got to love grabbing this and than when you’re grocery shopping!

Labels for Toy Basket @ItsOverflowing 9

First Velcro side:  tougher bristles out – adhesive side to the bin.  Second Velcro side: fuzzy bristles out – adhesive to back of laminated paper.

Toy Labels @ItsOverflowing

Attach the label to the bin!


Print Toy Bin Labels – 1

Toy Bin Labels @ItsOverflowing

Print Toy Bin Labels – 2

Toy Bin Labels 2 @ItsOverflowing

Print Toy Bin Labels – 3

Toy Bin Labels 3 @ItsOverflowing

So here’s the deal friend — I’m so excited we’re working together to put Everything in its Place!  Leave a comment with the labels you are still needing and I’ll work on an update with more options for your space!

Toy Labels @ItsOverflowing 4I’m excited to see this room get completed – check out the boys room progression!

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  1. Irani says:

    Yes please, I would love to use that font in a lot of my organizing projects, can we know which font you used?

  2. Laura says:

    Hi Aimee, can you let us know what font you used?

  3. Britt says:

    Hi Aimee! I am SO happy I found the labels you created. They are awesome. I also have two boys and spent my weekend organizing our playroom. Now I just need the labels! I need about 16 label names that aren’t listed on your sheets (We have three Trofast sets– it’s probably time to get rid of some toys, but that’s for another day!). What is the best way to create these labels? I’d be happy to pay you to create my list for me, or if you can provide a template, I would be happy to type in the label names I need. Thanks!!

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