Family Portrait – Tips on Clothing Picks

I love photography!  There’s something about freezing a moment and having it to look back on and treasure forever that is good for my soul.  I’ve shared our Christmas Card on my blog each year, have given you family clothing options, shared tips on how to pose your family, given suggestions for metering your camera and explained how to make using a tripod to take your own family portraits a success.

Family Portrait - Tips on Clothing Picks @ItsOverflowing

Today, I’m sharing some of my personal family portrait tips for making it all come together.  When October rolls around, I’m tempted to pass on family pictures because I usually have a cute beach pic and a fun bluebonnet pic that I could just use instead, but looking back over the years, I never regret the time and energy invested in taking my family portraits.

Family Christmas Portraits @ItsOverflowing 5b

After having a little personal debate, I’m ready to get going.  First I search through my closet — looking for something that I’ve worn recently and made me feel cute the entire time I wore it.   Sometimes I’m in the mood for bold.  Sometimes I’m all about neutrals.  Variety is the spice of life!

Family Christmas Portraits @ItsOverflowing 3

When I have an idea of the options available to me, I take a peek in my little girl’s closet.  I’m much better at shopping for Little B so finding something that complements what I like for myself is usually pretty simple.  She may need to add a pair of leggings or an accessory, but usually it’s not much.

Family Christmas Portraits @ItsOverflowing 6

As soon as the girls are set, I know my color family and start searching online at all the usual shops for shirts that will work for my boys.

Family Christmas Portraits @ItsOverflowing 8

This year, Old Navy came through with long sleeve tshirts.  Now that my boys are a little older, I try to find something comfortable because that’s a big priority for them.  Whatever I can do to make our family portrait a positive experience is worth it to me and helps me capture a picture of all of us relaxed and loving life together.

Family Christmas Portraits 1 @ItsOverflowing

Finding something for Stud to wear that blends in with the rest of us is usually pretty easy and because he likes to have some say, I usually just mention if we’re going casual or dressy, and whether we’re accenting with blacks or browns.

Family Christmas Portraits @ItsOverflowing 9

And when it’s all said and done, and you’re on the way home flipping through the pics on your camera, it’s almost a guarantee that you’re going to feel like you shoulda, woulda, coulda!  Don’t buy into that lie!  Perfection is totally not the goal, but instead, holding onto a moment that will be gone tomorrow, and creating pleasant memories so your kids are willing to gift you with another photo shoot at some point!

Family Christmas Portraits @ItsOverflowing 2

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  1. Great tips! The photos and outfits are great! I love how the outfits tie together, but are unique from one another. Thanks for sharing!

  2. laurie says:

    Your family is absolutely beautiful! I love your daughter’s outfit and my daughter actually has your outfit so you know I love that one!!

  3. Julia @cuckoo4design says:

    Love the photos. Your family is beautiful!

  4. Rhonda says:

    I love the outfits, especially, your dress. Thanks for sharing your tips. Rhonda

  5. Erin says:

    I love the color combos! Great choices!

  6. katie goldsworthy says: cute Aimee! I love all the clothes!

  7. Nici ~ Posed Perfection says:

    Great pictures, as usual! I love the bold dress you wore! Such a fun color combination! I can’t believe how big the kiddos look!

  8. Emily says:

    This is so helpful! I scheduled my family’s christmas pictures for the end of this month so I need to get cracking on finding stuff to match. Our easter pictures were easy but I was scared for christmas. This helped me tremendously.

  9. Tayler says:

    so true! we are past the days when whole entire families wore ALL denim. hahaha


  10. Such beautiful photos. The choice of clothes is impeccable!

  11. Oh my how fun and you all look fabulous. Love your pics and the clothing is perfect. Hugs, marty