How to Smooth Wall Texture

Ready for a little update on our new-to-us home?!?  If you’re new you can look back at our traditional home updates (here).  I almost walked away from this house because me and Spanish knife texture don’t get along!  I like clean lines and smooth wall texture.  Stud assured me that he’d learn How to Smooth Wall Texture.  He promised he would scrape that texture off and it would be no big deal — he was stoked about the rest of the house, the kitchen wasn’t a deal breaker for him.

DIY Smooth Wall Texture  @ItsOverflowing 6

So this is what I moved into and every morning as I opened the blinds it stared at me and as I cooked, served, and cleaned up every meal it laughed at me.  We totally didn’t get along.

Removing spanish knife texture @ItsOverflowing 2

So one day when Stud was at work and BBB were jumping on the trampoline or riding scooters (I am way too distracted to be concerned about winning mom of the year award right now).  I grabbed a putty knife and started scraping.  And I scraped, and I scraped and to my surprise, it scraped so precise there was very little crumble and very little ridge.  I was doing a happy dance the entire time.

Removing spanish knife texture @ItsOverflowing 4

Stud didn’t have quite the same reaction when he came home.  I’m not sure why, but he wanted to wait on this project, but before long he was totally wrapped up in the scraping and just as he does with every project, after an initial annoyed sigh, he embraced it.

Removing spanish knife texture @ItsOverflowing

He helped me take the project to a new level!

Removing spanish knife texture @ItsOverflowing 8

He grabbed some joint compound from the garage and took over with the putty knife — this time to start filling any little crevices and ridges that resulted from my scraping.

Removing spanish knife texture @ItsOverflowing 5

Every fan shaped line needed a some filling, dry time, and then some sanding!

DIY Smooth Wall Texture  @ItsOverflowing

Do you see Stud’s face below!?!  He’s annoyed!  Want to know why?!?  I just got off the phone with our local home improvement store and found out that there is a way to connect our sander with our wet/dry vac.  A certain somebody has been telling me it’s impossible for thirteen years of marriage and too many projects to count!  Funny true story, the guy actually said, “I don’t think I’ve ever seen a sander and wet/dry vac that don’t attach!”  Thinking back on all the dust I’ve breathed in…this little tip saved me so much time!

Removing spanish knife texture @ItsOverflowing 9

Stud added a piece of gorilla tape – the strongest tape EVER!

DIY Smooth Wall Texture  @ItsOverflowing 2

And even after his wife put his knowledge to shame, went to work!  I hope my little girl grows up to marry someone just like him — his humor helps him be resilient in every situation!

DIY Smooth Wall Texture  @ItsOverflowing 5

Limit the Dust Tip: Sanders and Wet/Dry Vacuums are designed to attach!

DIY Smooth Wall Texture  @ItsOverflowing 3

Looking SMOOTH!  After all the sanding, I did a whole lot of wall wiping!

Removing spanish knife texture @ItsOverflowing 6

Then it was time for paint — Gray Owl (here) it’s the color of choice in this house!

DIY Smooth Wall Texture @ItsOverflowing 5

And you’ll have to forgive me, I’ve been distracted the last five days with a sick little sweetie!  I don’t have a good pic of the new walls.  Thankfully I had a couple on my phone from when I shared with my family.  I’ll get some better quality pictures of the kitchen soon so you can see the texture better.  In my description, from a distance it looks very flat, when you get close you can see a consistent slight movement from the previous texture, but because it’s consistent it looks great!

How to Smooth Wall Texture @ItsOverflowing

The wall below is going to be removed at some point and a whole lot of other updates are yet to come for my kitchen, but the bold gold and texture that had arms so long it could touch me is gone and that is a huge treat and I’ll choose to be thankful for how far we’ve come so far!!!

How to Smooth Wall Texture @ItsOverflowing 2

Did you see my other kitchen remodel?  I love how it turned out (here)!  It’s hard to be patient, but I know the results will be worth it!  (So if you see an ad here or there you know exactly what I’m saving up for – wink).  And as I wait, I’m sure I’ll get a better idea of what I really need in this space!

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  1. Nate says:

    Thanks for this. I’ve said “no” to a couple of houses because of the extensive knife texturing. Good to know that this can be done! Thanks again!

  2. QueenD says:

    A shame you don’t get that textured walls were in when this house was redone and that to some extent they still are. By the way, those bar stools are the ugliest I have ever seen. Can’t wait to see what else you do with the house!

    • QueenD says:

      I apologize for my comments. I was having a “moment” and wish I had thought before typing. The changes you are making to your new home are amazing, however, it would be so nice if the previous owner wasn’t being criticized so harshly during the process. Please remember that a real feeling person used to live there.

      • Aimee says:

        No worries. 🙂 Homes are definitely personal, I share my decor preferences and how I make this home reflect me! There are tons of different styles and I don’t think any are wrong — some just aren’t my thing!!!

        We love this home and we’re having fun making it our own.

        XO, Aimee

  3. Geneva says:

    Wow that’s an insane project!! You guys are amazing.

  4. That calls for a party….I hate textured walls, like you. When shopping for a new home, I walked out and wouldn’t even look at the rest if the I saw 2 walls or ceilings with texture. I am so happy you don’t have to deal with that on every wall & ceiling.

    The transformation is amazing, you did a wonderful job…and I love the new color you picked.
    P.S. I LOVE how you got the project started for a wonderful male species who can sometimes need a “little” push…..LOL

  5. Julia @cuckoo4design says:

    Wow what a nightmare to remove this stuff. Looks so much better now!

  6. Petra says:

    Looks SO much better 🙂 I don’t blame you for starting without your husband – that’s just what I do! He gets annoyed but then joins in and does a better job than me! Little changes like that can really change your mood for the better 😀

  7. Kim says:

    I don’t blame you on getting rid of that look on those walls. Good to know abut the shop vac and the sander. I bet my hubby doesn’t know that one and he has been living in a cloud of dust the past week sanding the old truck he bought.

  8. Dawna says:

    Grey Owl is the color of choice in our house too!! You will love it…I will be posting more of our renos at this new home soon. Love the changes you have made so far. Paint sure goes a long way to improve things!

  9. Diana says:

    Things are coming together Aimee, it now looks perfect.The floor color looks like it goes well with the new paint color (as far as I can tell from the pics). I forgot are you painting the cabinets? Smile….big changes only using new paint, oh and some pretty rugs.

  10. Linda says:

    Looks wonderful. Can’t wait to see what you do next.