Which Miele is right for me?

My mom and sisters live about thirty minutes from me, but busy schedules keep us dependent on phone calls and texting!  The other day we finally had a girl’s day.  My mom called early and let me know she was already on her way – she wanted to have plenty of time to try out my Miele before my sisters arrived and fought her for a turn!


After test driving my Miele, my mom told me that she loved it, but wondered, ‘Which Miele is right for me?’  I was so happy she asked, because I learned a lot about these sweet vacuums during my few days away in the city (here)!  Miele vacuums are recognized world-wide for their superiority in quality, cleaning, and air filtration.  German engineering offers unsurpassed attention to detail which sets this brand in a class above the rest — you can’t go wrong with any of these vacuums, it’s all about finding what meets your needs best!

The Miele S2 Series is the entry-level, less expensive, Miele canister. They have the same motor and similar features as the Miele S6’s and S8’s, but are not manufactured identically.  If you want the power of a Miele in a more cost-effective package, the S2 may be perfect for you.

The Miele S6 Series are smaller canisters weighing just under 10lbs. Because of their smaller size, the three included above-the-floor cleaning tools are mounted outside the canister on a vario clip conveniently connected to the hose.  Despite being small, they have an amazing 33 foot cleaning radius.


Miele S7 Upright Vacuum Cleaners are quite different from the canisters. The S7 upright vacuum cleaners are great for homes with large amounts of carpeting and very small areas of bare floors.  The Miele S7 has a feature that allows you to move from carpet to bare floor easily.  And there’s even a perfect match for pet owners, Miele Cat & Dog (S7260)!

The Miele S8 Series is the crème de la crème of canister vacuum cleaners. The Miele S8 was designed with a new ergonomic handle and lightweight build, they have a holding spot for all three included above-the-floor cleaning tools, directly under the lid, and have silence motors – for busy moms this is awesome, vacuum while talking on the phone, vacuum while your baby is sleeping, or BOTH!


A lot of great options, right!  When I was deciding what I needed, I considered the amount of square footage in my home and the different flooring surfaces I would be cleaning!  Words can’t express how much I love my S8 Uniq, it has totally improved our allergies, the fluffiness of our carpet, effortlessly keeps my hardwood floors free of dust (even along the edges), the tools make dusting my house so easy, and its quiet motor lets me chat on the phone as I vacuum!  When I went to the city each of the bloggers I traveled with received a different Miele vacuum for their home — everyone is just as obsessed with their Miele as me — you can’t go wrong!

Did you see my little #PureAirBlog vlog, a couple weeks ago?

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  1. Debi M says:

    I have owned a Miele vacuum for over 5 years and love it! They are well built vacuums and have excellent cleaning power, not to mention the wonderful quality of their air filtration system. These vacuums are built with excellent quality materials and really will last 20plus years. They are well worth the money!!

  2. Diana says:

    I’m learning so much about these vacumn cleaners. I’m all about something that is quality and lasts, a forgotten concept. Thanks for all the info Aimee I’m going to need one of these soon and I appreciate all the info you have given, first hand of course. Smile!

    • You do need one sweet friend! I always love your visits Diana! XO, Aimee

  3. Moni ~ Zu Haus at Home says:

    It’s on my Christmas list 🙂 I’m so glad you like your miele!

  4. Bambi says:

    I know when I pour through a website about a product and can’t find any prices, it’s overpriced. Thanks for the review, though.

    • I’m not selling Miele vacuums, just giving information because I like their products! 🙂 If you’d like to go to the Miele website or google ‘Miele vacuum’ for a retailer near you, all the prices are listed online! I think the prices are very reasonable when you consider the quality and how long they last (20ish years is standard)! XO, Aimee

    • mary w. says:

      They are expensive, but compared to the extra couple years you will get out of your carpeting, it’s not a bad investment at all. Probably not something you get in the first few years of homeownership. I used to laugh at my sister and her Dyson, but she bought it 20 years ago and it’s still going strong!

  5. Never heard of this brand, thank you for the information.

  6. Thanks for your post! I’ve actually been looking at a new vacuum!