Christmas Colors (and Printable)

I totally LOVE Christmas!  Sugar Cookies with Sprinkles, Hot Cocoa with Marshmallows, Glittery Ornaments, Precious Christmas Cards, Sparkly Lights on the Tree, A Naughty Elf on the Shelf (throughout the house), Yummy Candles, Memory-Filled Movies…and lots of laughing!!!  Especially when the five of us watch Buddy the Elf!  ‘The Best Way to Spread Christmas Cheer is Singing Loud for All to Hear.’  What’s your favorite Elf Quote!?!

Elf Quote 3 @ItsOverflowing

(print your own 8×10 here)

This year, my Christmas colors are red, white and aqua and I’m loving it — totally working for me! My inspiration is my new DIY Chevron Monogram ‘L’ that was featured on Home Depot’s blog.   Doesn’t chevron frog tape (here) totally ROCK!  Seriously took five minutes to spray the entire ‘L’ white, another five minutes to use my chevron striped frog tape to prepare for the aqua paint, and another five minutes to paint the entire ‘L’ aqua.  Peel off the frog tape and PERFECTION!  I’m totally obsessed with frog tape! (And monograms, too).

Chevron Monogram Art @ItsOverflowing

My front door couldn’t take on aqua — but — the pantry door!?!  I might have to add that splash of color when Stud is at work.  Red and White Peppermint Wreath + Aqua Door = PERFECTION!

Christmas Colors (and Printable)

dreamy whites

I have a little more here and there to add to my house and then I’ll give you a little Christmas House Tour — I’m loving this new house.  What are your Christmas Colors this year!?!?   MUST see Christmas movies?!  Favorite Traditions!?!  Christmas Colors (and Printable)

annie clark

Whatever this month holds, I hope we all look for ways to Brighten Life for others!  My baby sister and her hubby are my inspiration as they choose to focus on having thankful hearts — even in the midst of fighting cancer (their blog here)!

Christmas Decor Ideas (HERE)

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  1. I love your peppermint wreath on the aqua door. Super color combo!

  2. These colors are very pretty. Can’t wait to see your home tour! I’m usually a traditional red, green, and gold gal. This year I’ve added a ton of apple red and lime green. It’s so much fun and makes my hubby and I happy 🙂 My bedroom is green, gold, and bronze. The sunroom is all neutral. The dining is traditional red and green. Our powder room will be white, silver, black, with a fuschia tree. Finally, the rest of the house will be the whimsical apple red and lime green! Whew! My home sounds like a hot mess doesn’t it??? Haha!! We love it though 🙂 Happy Tuesday!
    P.S. Elf is on our must watch every year!

    • It sounds festive and fun which is totally what this time of year is ALL about!!! I totally love the apple red/lime green combo!!!! And a Fuchsia Tree sounds DREAMY!!! I’ve been working on essentials, like traffic flow and organization throughout my new house, but at some point, I’d love fuchsia in my craft room – LOVE! Enjoy your Tuesday LOTS, too!!! XO, Aimee