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I’ve been pulling boxes out of the attic all month long!  You know what that means, a house full of glitter, lights, and lots of dust (Merry Christmas)!  I used to think all vacuums were about the same (with exception to bagless vacuums — that never sat right with me).  Did you know they aren’t!?!  In the US, there aren’t any laws or inspections required of vacuum companies.  They’re allowed to say a vacuum purifies the air — whether or not it really does.  Here’s why I brag about My Cleaner Home!

Merry Christmas

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Pure air (removal of dirt, dander, and particles) can only be reached when a vacuum is designed so all the air pulled into the machine flows through the filter without leakage using a sealed Hepa filter.  Miele, has been tested for years in a European market where regulations are tough — vacuum cleaners MUST provide 99.9% filtered pure air and there are inspections that back this standard — Miele continues to test top-of-the-line because of its advanced HEPA filter!


A Cleaner Place

Not only is air flow superb on the Miele, it also has a patented dustbag — ‘9-layer fortress of electrostatically charged material that traps micro-sized debris in the airtight vacuum chamber. With its spring-loaded, self-locking collar you’re never exposed to the tiny, lung-damaging dust and allergens you worked to vacuum up.’  Miele doesn’t just throw out a bunch of empty promises.   Miele’s S8 series of vacuums, which includes the UniQ that I have, was designed to improve indoor air quality.

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Having my Miele these last three months has helped me maintain a cleaner home.  It sucks out more dirt than my previous vacuums and it holds all the dirt it collects within until it’s carried away on the trash truck — less particles in my air means less particles landing on my furniture and less allergens disturbing my family!!!

More Reasons I LOVE My Miele!


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  1. Netty says:

    This blog is starting to feel like an infomercial and it’s so disappointing because I used to love this blog 🙁

    • I’m sorry Netty. You have been one of my favorite readers for a long time! I do LOVE my vacuum, but don’t want you to feel bombarded either. I try to offer lots of design tips and creativity, combined with products I genuinely love. I have lots more to share with you in the days, weeks, months, and even years ahead! In all honesty, my heart has been heavy lately as I watch my sister’s hubby fight stage 4 brain cancer (He’s 34, she’s 30 and they have three babies). If I seem distracted at all please accept my apology and know that this season is hard. I believe there is a time for every season so I strongly believe that God will renew my family’s joy in due time! I appreciate you being one of my most loyal readers and hope you’ll keep checking in from time to time!!! I have my Christmas house tour and lots more ideas still to share this month and in January I hope to hit it hard with some organization inspiration!!! XO, Aimee