Organizing Christmas Decor

In December, I layer my home AND in January, I declutter it!  I like to kick off the new year with a totally blank slate and for this to happen, Christmas has to be in the attic.  Here’s my system for organizing Christmas decor — how I put it all away and have it ready for next year.

Organizing Christmas Decor @ItsOverflowing
I use clear storage bins for almost everything, but at Christmas, I’m all about the red and green.  This makes it easy for Stud to know which bins to pull down (it’s way too many for me to maneuver up and down the stairs).  I bought these Yaffa bins long ago and if I could buy more – I would.  I love that the lid allows for an extra 5-6 inches of storage.   I don’t think they’re available anymore.  I was sad for a bit, but have moved on.  My 21 gallon Rubbermaid latching storage bins work great!

Christmas  Storage Ideas 6 @ItsOverflowing

I have each of my bins labeled so when it all lands in my living room on the day after Thanksgiving, I know which bins to open first.  As great as it is to know what’s inside, I’ve found that Christmas decor needs another layer of organization.  Inside most of my bins I have my decor grouped into smaller bins – these are the clear Container Store bins that I use all over my house.  My Memory Ornaments bin has a bin or two for each of my children, ornaments that have been passed down to Stud from his mom, ornaments that we use on our advent tree, ornaments with family pictures, etc.  In the Nativity bin, different sets are sorted into my favorite clear Container Store bins, too.  Layers of organization is especially important for anything being placed in the attic for an extended period of time.

Christmas  Storage Ideas 8 @ItsOverflowing

Here are a few of my bin labels, Kitchen and Gift Wrap – White Ornaments – Christmas Stockings – Christmas Decor (Not to be mistaken for the Santa Hats and Christmas Tchotchke Bin)

Christmas  Storage Ideas 7 @ItsOverflowing

Colorful Ornaments – I may not use aqua every year, but I loved it this year (here).  Stud and I used eggplant on our first Christmas tree — any guesses on what year we got married!?!

Christmas  Storage Ideas 9 @ItsOverflowing

Greenery Used on my Monogram Wreaths (here & here).

And Small IKEA Trees Used in Little B’s Room and the Guest Room (here & here).

Organizing Christmas Decor 2 @ItsOverflowing

My Collection of Tree Toppers.

Organizing Christmas Decor 4 @ItsOverflowing

Our Favorite Christmas Books

Organizing Christmas Decor 5 @ItsOverflowing

I use ornament storage boxes with dividers for my more fragile ornaments, like these gold and ivory ornaments.

Organizing Christmas Decor 6 @ItsOverflowing

My silver ornaments are not as intricate in design, so I sorted them in small see-thru bins.

Organizing Christmas Decor 7 @ItsOverflowing

My white ornaments are from several different trees over the years, my snowflakes from when we were first married – I found them in a gift shop a few days before Christmas marked down to just a couple dollars – they’re beautiful wooden snowflakes.  The nutcrackers were a DIY project for the boys’ room several years ago (here), and my red polka-dot ornaments were used for the first time this year (here).

Organizing Christmas Decor 8 @ItsOverflowing

These are the bins I use for my more fragile ornaments.  I like to use see-thru bins for my fragile ornaments – it gives my sweet hubby gets an extra hint to be a bit more careful.

Organizing Christmas Decor 5 @ItsOverflowing

Christmas definitely came and went too fast this year, but with 2014 around the corner there are so much organization to busy myself with, I will be so glad to have all these pretties tucked away in the attic.  And next year, with the bins organized by color and well labeled, it’ll be easy to decorate my tree with the colors I’m loving at that time.  Gold?  Silver?  Green?  Red?  Aqua?  White?  — not sure yet!

Organizing Christmas Decor @ItsOverflowing

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  1. Cheri says:

    Best thing since sliced bread is holiday colored plastic tote bins like this! I have a few for each holiday..black for halloween, red/green christmas, pink Easter etc. So much better than just cardboard boxes and a blank magic marker!

  2. The Women of Westwood says:

    This is so amazing. I’m probably going to pin half these pictures!

  3. I live in a small apartment so my decorations are limited to one bin, but when I move into a single family home, I’m definitely using your tips! Thanks for sharing!

    By the way – I’m a new reader. Found your blog from the link up on A Bowl Full of Lemons 🙂

  4. absinthe says:

    Hi! Just discovered your site and was wondering where you purchased your red & green totes (are they Rubbermaid?)& were they expensive? how much each? I’m sorry for being so blunt, but you see, I have 56 computer boxes of ornaments + another 25-30 larger boxes for trees/wreaths/lights, etc. Well, to make a long story short, I had to make an emergency move on the spur of the moment, and was informed that the storage area where tight and dry. Not so, discovered extremely high humidity levels and now all those boxes need to be replaced with totes like yours because of the odor. Dehumidifiers have to be emptied every 8 hours around the clock until the repair work is done to the exist pipes or I move and don’t even get me started on the lost clothing!!! I would like to mention though, that adding dessicant packs to each of your totes helps absorb moisture and odor, just make sure the ornament bulbs/baubles sit up so if any condensation does arise that the moisture doesn’t get trapped and can escape through the top. Also, use archival paper for cushioning so as not to cause yellowing & transfer to those precious momentoes!

    • What a NIGHTMARE!!! So sorry you’re having to go through all that!!! The bins are from Walmart and last visit there were still lots! XO, Aimee

  5. Totally in love with this. Bookmarking this to show my husband who is in charge of taking down the Christmas stuff tomorrow and hoping this motivates him! Found you through the tip junkie Tuesday link up.

  6. Dianne says:

    Where did you find your labels.
    Are they chalk board paint?
    What is the white paint?

  7. Dennise says:

    Great post! I have bookmarked your site also. I am going to show this post to my DH who said he never met anyone with more Christmas storage tubs in his life! Wrong. You have one more than me LOL!

    Your site is great.

    • LOL. I’m so glad I could help your cause Dennise!!! 🙂 Happy 2014!!! XO, Aimee

  8. love love love plastic bins, my big 2014 goal is to line my garage with them full of organized decorations, decor, dishes etc. love the red and green for xmas!

  9. Susan says:

    Could you share how you get your bins up into the attic without a zillion trips? My DH will be forever grateful for any tip with that!

  10. I found you through Thrifty decor chick. 2014 is going to be the year of organization so this is perfect for me…especially since I haven’t put away the Christmas decorations yet;)

  11. I love organizing the Christmas Decor. I’m in the process of reorganizing all of my decorations and ornaments too. It’s a major job, but it seems like you have it down to a science.
    Happy New Year!

  12. I love your Christmas organizing. Where did you get the chalkboard adhesive labels (or are they vinyl)?

    • They are Martha Stewart Labels from Staples — thicker than vinyl and totally reuseable!!! Definitely my favorite out there! XO, Aimee

  13. Anne Boykin says:

    Hi Aimee, You’ve got it down to a science! I’m impressed. Thanks for the inspiration … I’m organizing mine right now. Happy New Year!

  14. Love the idea of red bins for Christmas decor! I’m not nearly as organized as you are…thanks for the inspiration!

  15. I too store away our Christmas books! I love how organized this all is and the red bins are perfect to let you know it is Christmas decor. I really need to buy a few more bins, my Christmas stuff has grown over the years and I hate mashing it all into the few bins I do have!

  16. You have an awesome system going there! I need to get more tubs this year and make it all more streamlined. Love the organization and decluttering after the layers and festivity of the holidays!

  17. Lori C says:

    It’s nice to see I’m not the only one with a ton of Christmas bins! It seems every year I add to my bin collection! I save tissue paper from Christmas gifts and use it to wrap my ornaments – I don’t want to take a chance with them moving around when carrying the bins. Happy New Year!

  18. You’ve got it DOWN, girl! Mine is all in bins but not nearly as organized. Maybe next year 🙂 Happy 2014!!!