Red, White, Aqua Christmas Tree

I have been hinting at my Red, White, Aqua Christmas Tree for a few weeks now (here) and (here).  Why the delay!?!  My Christmas Tree is eight years old and on four separate occasions my tree has quit on me.  Each time I had to use wire cutters to remove a section of the non-working lights and re-wrap it with new lights.  I’m so worn out by this tree, I can’t even begin to tell you how over it I am!  I’m totally crossing my fingers that we make it a few more days without huge section burnouts – Stud and BBB don’t know if they can handle the frustration!

Red, White, Aqua Christmas Tree @ItsOverflowing

Little Berkeley looks pretty chilled, but I’m pretty sure she’s guilty for the first round of light outages!

Red, White, Aqua Christmas Tree @ItsOverflowing 2

I showed you how I gave a new look to some of my old, basic ornaments the other day – love the whimsical look of polka-dots.

Red, White, Aqua Christmas Tree @ItsOverflowing 3

And through the rest of the house I have lots of mercury touches so I went with it on the tree, too.  I love my new silver glitter poinsettia ornament.

Red, White, Aqua Christmas Tree @ItsOverflowing 4

Another Potterybarn ornament from long ago!

Red, White, Aqua Christmas Tree @ItsOverflowing 5

And a classic, Big B’s Potterybarn Train ornament from years ago.  I love shiny enamel!!!  I wish for more of it on my tree!!!

Red, White, Aqua Christmas Tree @ItsOverflowing 6

This year has had a lot of emotions and I wanted to add the word ‘Joy’ all over my tree so I would continue to remember that even though this world has trouble and suffering, this entire season points back to the real reason for Joy — the Hope that Our Promised Savior offers me (and you)!

Red, White, Aqua Christmas Tree @ItsOverflowing 7

 After way too many snow days (really they were ice days, but snow sounds better), I ventured out to Anthropologie and found this real pretty monogram ‘L’ in a mercury finish.  I picked up several and want to go back for more.  They are so pretty on the tree.

Anthropologie Christmas Ornament Monogram @ItsOverflowing

You know how I’m loving the shiny enamel ornaments?  I think my love is equally tied with this year’s Santa and Snowman porcelain ornaments.

Santa Christmas Ornament @ItsOverflowing

A few icicles that Moni bought us on our very first Christmas, back in 2000!

Icicle Christmas Ornament @ItsOverflowing

A cute honeycomb red and white ornament — can anyone guess where I found these!?!

Red White Christmas Ornament @ItsOverflowing

Another red shiny enamel ornament from Potterybarn.  Little B picked this out years ago when Big B selected the train from Potterybarn.

Drum Christmas Ornament @ItsOverflowing

More of my Sharpie Polka-dot ornaments.

Polkadot Ornaments 2 @ItsOverflowing

And that’s about it.  Next year I’ll be replacing this 9 foot slim tree and grow this collection even more.  AND I’ll be getting a my first flocked tree – I’ve dreamed about that day almost forever!!!

Red White Aqua Christmas Tree Decor @ItsOverflowing

And just a little advice for those of you just starting out, buy a white tree skirt – they’re inexpensive, it looks like snow beneath the tree, it doesn’t fight with any tree, room, or gift wrap decor, and it reflects the light to make your tree even brighter!  Okay, stepping down from that soapbox now.

Red, White, Aqua Christmas Presents

Speaking of gift wrap, the striped is from IKEA, the chevron is from Hobby Lobby – love their thick paper, and I’m on the hunt for red and white polkadot paper – leave me a comment if you have a lead!  Instead of ribbon, I love the iridescent look of the organza tulle in aqua.

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  1. Oh how beautiful! I saw your tree post today for the first time and it is just stunning.

  2. Your tree is beautiful! Love the colors. How smart to cut off the old non-working lights and wire on new ones. My tree is having light problems this year…especially at the top point! When people drive by our house, they must think to themselves, “Where’s the top to that Christmas tree? “LOL!

    • I feel your pain Michelle!!! Today, my top half quit on me and I’ve given up! Half lit is totally in this year! XO, Aimee

  3. Cindy says:

    Love your blog, Aimee! Your tree is lovely. Target has red wrapping paper with large white polka dots (in store). Have a blessed Christmas!

    • Thank you so much Cindy! I need a few things from Target so that works out great!!! I appreciate you helping me out!! XO, Aimee

  4. Moni ~ Zu Haus at Home says:

    Beautiful tree, Aimee…..it brings a smile to one’s heart. You did a great job decorating it! xx

  5. I’ve had an awful time with my tree too. Over half our tree blew bulbs and I had to replace them one by one! I wish I had thought of just cutting them off and replacing them. And I love the wrapping paper!

    • I’m so sorry Paige!!! I feel your pain! We’ll see if I actually go for it, but I want to cut all the old stringed lights out and replace them with new lights!?! Anyone actually done this to an entire tree!?! Is it worth it?!! XO, Aimee

  6. carol says:

    If you don’t find polka paper and only need a small amount you could make your own using solid red or white and adding the opposite color with the sharpie pens. Just like you did with the xmas balls.
    Loved the ornaments that you highlighted. Nice mix of old and new.

  7. Diana says:

    So sorry the tree is giving you fits, but it is really cheerful I love it. I’m so envious that you are getting a flocked tree they are so pretty. I love Christmas…… Smile!

    • Thanks Diana!!! I think it just wants to be retired. 😉 XO, Aimee

  8. I love this color combination — and your beautiful ornaments!