My Favorite Vacuuming Tips

Another sickie!  It’s somewhat to be expected this time of year when the temperature outside is 65 one day and 19 the next, but I don’t like it one bit!  The other two are still healthy and I’m hoping to keep it that way!  Time for me to pull out my two favorite cleaning agents, a bottle of Lysol and my Miele vacuum!  No germs allowed!

Winter Sickies @ItsOverflowing

Here are some of my favorite vacuuming tips (leave a comment with your favorites, too).

  1. Vacuum the floor LAST when all the dust and dirt has been swept off other surfaces and gravity has done it’s job.
  2. Use the dust brush and wand to clean baseboards, bookshelves, end tables, overhead light fixtures, and ceiling fans (goodbye dust bunnies).
  3. Run the crevice tool between the cushions of the couch with each vacuum as well (don’t leave those cookie crumbs for later).
  4. When it’s time to vacuum the floor, vacuum slowly, overlapping swipes to effectively remove all of the dirt.
  5. Make sure to vacuum under and behind furniture.  You can’t believe the stuff that accumulates there — this can be an enormous source of allergens.
  6. On hardwood floors, turn off the machine’s beater bar or use a hard-floor attachment and vacuum in the same direction as the planks.

Favorite Vacuum Tips @ItsOverflowing

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