Swedish House Tour

Ready for another Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour!?!  Christmas is back in the attic and my house has had a thorough cleaning!!!  Time to start looking for new inspiration because everything is looking rather bare!  This Swedish House caught my eye recently — it is a beautiful palette of neutral colors with a touch of nature throughout.  I always admire a home that is layered, but not overly cluttered.  I think these homeowners did wonders with their space!!!  Let’s look around!

Beautiful Swedish Home - 10

 A beautiful entry.  I love that black planter, the zebra rug, the hydrangeas…beautiful!

Beautiful Swedish Home - 03

The kitchen is very modern, but I love that it’s softened with flowers, candles, fruit, and lots of wood trim and molding.

Beautiful Swedish Home - 02

I have a thing for orchids — my mom and mom in law are both great with them — I hope I acquire that talent someday.

Beautiful Swedish Home - 01

I’m not the best at sitting around the table for long periods of time, but that may change if I was lounging like this!  The kitchen is such a narrow space, but the layout makes it very functional.

Beautiful Swedish Home - 04

These gray walls make everything in this formal living room totally pop!  Yes, I have a crush on gray walls!  I am seeing pops of orange everything in decor lately.  Do you like it!?!  Are you loving the orchid color of the year better!?!  Staying true to a color you’ve loved for years!?!

Beautiful Swedish Home - 05

With the formal living in the distance, this is the family room.  I love that the rooms can be opened up to each other, but are still well designed separate spaces.  The built-in in the family room has a much more shallow depth than TV cabinets built several years ago.  Yes I’m still looking for the right TV cabinet!  And add books to my want list, too.  Oh to have a book collection like this one – beautiful!

Beautiful Swedish Home - 07

I am totally digging is that tufted ottoman – perfection!  And those large pillows are making me want to do some more shopping — LOVE!

Beautiful Swedish Home - 08

The kids’ rooms are precious.  I love this simple canopy.  Little B wanted one when she was about six and I just did not love the ones I was finding.  This is a perfect canopy with minimal fuss.  And in the other room, those stuffed animals on the wall totally make me smile.  My boys would totally LOVE this room.

Beautiful Swedish Home - 09

And last, but definitely not least — this slipcovered headboard with beautiful linens, tall drapes, classic chairs, and beautiful lighting has me totally drooling — especially that chandelier!  I’m thinking copycat everything for my guest room!?!?  Don’t you just love this Swedish Home!?!   I love looking at real estate in different countries — Skeppsholmen.

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  1. Beautiful! It makes me want to go back to a neutral color scheme.

  2. Diane says:

    Though the architecture and furnishings of the room are interesting, I find the color palette so boring. I am so tired of no color in rooms viewed in magazines and online. It’s time to get back to color, imo. A pop of color on white or beige is not enough. Who wants to live in that sterile environment? I want a home, not a showroom.