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The other day I gave you a sneak peek of my plan for the family room.  A little ‘Robin Hood’ action – take from the rich and give to the poor!  My master bedroom was overloaded with furniture and this room was bare!  While Stud was at work I went to work myself, dragging this dresser into the family room (more here).  I shared some beautiful TV consoles and built ins (here), but as I look at the overall needs of my house, the kitchen is my top priority right now and spending a couple thousand here and a couple thousand there would totally dwindle away my kitchen fund quickly!

TV Console @ItsOverflowing

I love it when I can be patient and a solution finally clicks within!  (Patience doesn’t come natural for me).  Having the living room look like this shortly after moving in — my wheels were constantly spinning.  I can’t chill when harmony is totally lacking!

Need a New TV Console @ItsOverflowing

Then I remembered a house tour I shared — from back when we were still house shopping — in that house, my exact same master bedroom dresser base (Gramercy Park by Lane) was being used as a hutch.  If it worked as a hutch in another house, why not use it for a console in my family room?!!

TV Media Console @ItsOverflowing 3

Ordering a rug from Potterybarn helped the room feel like a more liveable space — having it majorly on sale and using additional coupons helped, too (here).  When I added the new console – 72″ w x 22″ d x 39″ h,  I rotated the rug and long sofa to work with the length of the room.

TV Media Console @ItsOverflowing 3

I watched my first movie all the way through since moving into the house — finally able to focus on the show and not be distracted by the entry table being completely the wrong scale!!!

TV Media Console @ItsOverflowing 4

Did you notice I hung my DIY Frame Tutorial?!  I love how easy it is to switch out the pictures!  It’s finally starting to feel more like home!!!  I’ll share more soon sweet friends!  One big question I have weighing is paint the brick or not!?!  Opinions!?!?

TV Console @ItsOverflowing

If you haven’t seen my new house and the updates, check out old and new updates (here).

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  1. Jamie says:

    I love love love the idea of using a dresser for a TV console, but I have a question: where do you store your things that need remotes, like a dvd player? My kids have an Xbox and we use our Wii for Netflix…so we have 3 things that I would think need to stay out and I’d think that’d look messy. Any suggestions on how to make that work?

  2. Stefany says:

    Hi! I’m a loyal reader although I admit I never comment. This is very nice! Love your layout and those throw pillows!! Quick question, what’s the paint color?


  3. Morag says:

    Love the new look! Regarding the brickwork why don’t you paint it with a whitewash so that some of the brick colour comes through a little but it doesn’t dominate. You could apply the paint then wipe it back a bit so you got a washy effect.

  4. I love the “new” console! It works perfectly in that space. Great job using what you have. I can’t wait to see all that you’ve been working on! You make it all look beautiful.

    • Thanks Nici!!! We need to get together before too long! We miss ya’ll! XO, Aimee

  5. Carrie says:

    Looks Great! Can’t wait to see it all in person. Looking forward to Hugs! C xo

    • It was so great having you Aunt Carrie! I hope Uncle Jay feels better real soon! XO, Aimee

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