Simple Wreath for January (Fun Find)

Check out my Simple Wreath for January!  I’ve been trying to do a little less window shopping because inevitably I find something(s) I totally “need” every single time!  On Wednesday I go to BSF (bible study fellowship) and I have designated the rest of the day (the two hours left before pick up) as my playtime!  Look what I found in Target yesterday!

Boxwood Wreath @ItsOverflowing

It was on clearance and it’s exactly what I had written down that I wanted to make!  I don’t think I could have bought the supplies to make this regularly $39.99 Boxwood Wreath for $12 and some change (with tax).

Boxwood Wreath 3 @ItsOverflowing

The last three weeks my house has been in total January fashion — minimal decor!  I was ready to start adding a few touches, starting with my door(s).  I bought the last two of these wreath at my Target one for my front door and another for my side door — both were looking real bare.

Boxwood Wreath @ItsOverflowing 6

This is our side door – the one that our friends and family use.  I will hang the front door wreath soon (my cute little yorkie, Berkeley decided to chew up that door’s wreath hook – I guess the HUGE basket of toys she has isn’t enough for her).  The suction wreath hooks I use to hang wreaths on my glass windows are cheap – I just ordered a replacement on Amazon.

Boxwood Wreath 2 @ItsOverflowing

I have tons of ideas on how I can change this wreath up for different holidays, but for now I’m enjoying it in its simplistic state!

Boxwood Wreath 6 @ItsOverflowing

What fun finds have you found lately?!  Do you put everything back as it was in the new year or do you change things up a little? a LOT?

Here are some real cute Spring Wreath Ideas.


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  1. Great find! I need to go check out my Target’s clearance rack!

  2. Wow. cool find…maybe our Target has a few left! I’m going to look 🙂
    I decorate seasonally, including changing towels and sometimes even small throw rugs~

  3. I’ve bought 2 of those wreaths at full price! you got a great deal…wonder if Target is going to discontinue them? I also got a larger one at Steinmart several months ago for $60 and they were around $90 everywhere else I found them on line.

    • My guess is they will make a minor change or improvement on them and sell them at full price again!?!? Target seems to bring back the items that sell well! I totally LOVE the large ones — you had a good find, too!!! I always forget to check Steinmart! Tomorrow (Wednesday) is my “window shopping” day — I’ll have to stop by and see what I can’t live without! XO, Aimee

  4. This past week I bought a regular priced wreath too! I loved it that much! I about croked when I saw what you paid for yours. I had wondered if it would hold up on an outside door? I haven’t hung mine yet.

    • It has been hanging for a few days and has so far held up just fine — our porches are covered so that helps! XO, Aimee

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