Craigslist Patio Furniture

It really stinks when you find a Craigslist Patio Furniture set that you totally love, but the owner has to leave town for the weekend.  After being patient all weekend, I met my sister in Dallas for lunch then planned on checking out my fun find with her.  During lunch I got a text from the craigslist owner — he was tied up and would need to meet a little later.  (Sometimes craigslist really stresses me out).  Enter backup plan, my sister that lives near me offered to pick up my kids.  My sister that met me for lunch left to pick up her kids.  And I was alone to check out my find on my own.  Below is the picture I put out on instagram so detectives would be able to place where I disappeared, the lobby of a gorgeous high rise condo building (the valet was watching a Maserati, Ferrari, several Range Rovers…).

AZURE in Dallas @ItsOverflowing

Thankfully I wasn’t alone for long!  Stud drove out to meet me (his breakfast and lunch meetings had just wrapped up).  Sweet guy was totally confused by my urgency for patio furniture — driving on ice, in freezing rain for outdoor furniture and spending money on outdoor furniture when I’ve had a one track mind about saving for my kitchen — didn’t make sense, but he went with it.  I’m pretty sure when he’s out watching the game chilling on the furniture it will all come together for him!

Outdoor Furniture Sectional 3

Above looks like the set, but it’s not the actual set.  It was FREEZING COLD and the patio was crazy small (reason he’s getting rid of this set — too large for the space) so I couldn’t get a pic.  I love the pillows in the above pic — I might pick up a couple IKEA pillows and do a little stenciling.  These are a few arrangements I am considering for our back patio.  I totally can’t wait to arrange and rearrange!!!

Outdoor Furniture Sectional 4

The timing couldn’t be better — Moni and Pa are coming to visit this weekend!  They’re going to let us borrow their truck to pick up the new to us set.  I’m pretty sure we’re grilling out this weekend and watching the olympics on the outdoor tube.  Until then I will be looking out my window dreaming of warm temps, the sun shining, and a real fun patio set!!!

UPDATE:  While looking for pics of the set I’m getting — I saw this one.  Which do you prefer!?!  I have until Friday to finalize my decision.

Outdoor Patio Furniture

I will be re-using lots of last years Summer Fun Ideas as soon as it warms up!!!


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  1. Oh that is a great set! So is there a big service elevator you had to use to get it all down from his apartment?

  2. Beautiful set! i’m ready for some warmer weather too! I’m tired of being cold!

  3. Rachel says:

    I love the sectional set! Great find!

  4. They are both very nice. It looks like you would be able to arrange the second set in more ways than the first, such as set the individual chairs at an angle if you wanted, or move a couple or chairs off to the side in a different area. The first set looks more contemporary and the second more traditional. BUT you would have plenty of room to lay down on the first set! Whichever you pick, I’m sure you will jazz it up and it will look great! Keep us posted….

  5. I love the first one. It feels more like you can relax and unwind versus sit at a table.

  6. Kathy says:

    I love them both so for me, it would come down to how you plan to use it. I have found over the years, men prefer to be in chairs as apposed to a sofa. The chairs I would pick for entertaining more than 4 people.

  7. Erin says:

    I like both, but the first one looks more comfy.

  8. OKAY!!! This was to funny!! I am so glad you landed some Awesome Patio furniture. Can’t wait to see it 🙂

  9. Debra says:

    Both sets are beautiful! Lucky you! My preference is always for wicker but depending on what kind it is. I think the first set looks more formal but that also depends on how you set it up. I’m also the worst at making decisions and I wish I had this decision to make! Actually, now that I zoom in, it looks like both are wicker. I would probably go for the second set as I think you have more options arranging it. The first one is large but really nice. I know either set will be nice and I can’t wait to see how you arrange it. You ARE going to show us right??

  10. What a great find!!! Beautiful!!!

  11. Stunning patio set! Can’t wait to see it! xx

  12. ColleenB.~Texas says:

    Great looking patio set. I’m sure you will get lots of use out of it and the weather is to start turning warmer for us here in Texas so hopefully you will be able to enjoy it for the weekend.