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Today, we have another cute craft in our series, A Craft Made By You.   You may remember our sweet friend, Diane from the beautiful crafts she shared at our link parties (which will start back this Sunday).   Her Easy Valentines Day Craft is so CUTE  — I totally LOVE it!

Easy Valentines Day Craft - 3

Are you a fan of Valentine’s Day?  Whether you’re a romantic or not, you have to appreciate a special day on the calendar that’s all about love.  This is an easy craft that will make your heart sing – a fun crafting project for a girlfriend get-together.  Don’t worry about having the “perfect” supplies…work with what you have.  One of the pluses of crafting with a friend is sharing supplies.  Here I selected a red, black, and white theme with some scrapbook papers on hand.  Have fun with the papers you choose.  It requires just a few inexpensive supplies and a wee bit of time to fill your kitchen window with dangling beaded heart ornaments.  Or, create a romantic dinner setting and dangle hearts from your dining room chandelier.

Easy Valentines Day Craft - 1

In the past, I have even created hearts from magazine pages.  Hopefully you save buttons from worn out clothing or the extras that come pinned to your new tops or slacks or jackets.  If not ask your mom or a friend or pick some up from the craft store.  The buttons make it fun, but they are not necessary.  Beads are a must for this project.  I don’t do any beading, but I have a friend who does, and she gladly let me look through her stash for some pretty beads.  The beads definitely take these heart ornaments from ordinary to extraordinary!

Easy Valentines Day Craft - 4

Let’s create our dangling beaded heart ornaments!


Supply list:

• Four designs of scrapbook paper, heavy magazine paper, etc.
•Paper glue
•Skinny hole paper punch
•Embroidery floss/needle

Easy Valentines Day Craft - 5

Steps to Create Dangling Beaded Heart Ornaments


  1. Make a heart template…mine is about 2 1/2 inche.
  2. Fold your patterned paper in half and slide the template over the paper and cut around the template. For efficiency you may layer your papers and cut two hearts at once.
  3. To create one heart, you need to cut four hearts, I chose to make mine from four different paper designs.
  4. Fold each heart in half with the paper’s pattern side, folded inside.
  5. Apply a thin coating of glue to just one side of the folded heart and attach on side of another heart to the gluey part after lining them up perfectly.
  6. Continue gluing and attaching one side of the heart at a time.  Here I alternated the black and red hearts.
  7. Completed hearts should look like this.  You may wish to do a little trimming on the edges with your scissors if there is any irregularity.
Easy Valentines Day Craft - 6
  1. Cut a piece of embroidery floss at least 24 inches long and pull off four strands.  Knot the four strands together about four inches from the end.
  2. Separate the embroidery floss from the knot so that you have two strands of two.  Insert each strand of two into one of the button holes.
  3. If you have an embroidery needle available it may be easier to feed the embroidery floss through some of the beads.
  4. Once you have the length of buttons and beads you desire, knot your thread at the end of the last bead.
  5. Create as many strings of beads and buttons as you do hearts.
  6. Using a small-holed paper punch, punch a hole through your hearts near the top as shown and tie the short end of the string of beads and buttons closely to the heart, leaving a little space for the heart to swing freely.

 That’s it!!  So easy!  


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Easy Valentines Day Craft - 2

Hang your heart(s) and enjoy!! 

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  1. By the way, I’m so excited you will start having link-parties again!!! Thank you!! xx

  2. Super cute heart ornament…love the button and bead detail on it! xx

    • Hi Moni!
      Thanks for the compliment!
      I agree…they are very ordinary hearts until they’re dressed up with their buttons and bead and then they’re…..Extraordinary!!

  3. Diana says:

    These are so cute I may try them. I love them in the window….

    • Hey there Diana…..
      Thanks so much for the sweet words. The hears are soooo fun in the window. I love ’em.!
      Hope your day is Extraordinary!