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I’m pretty sure Stud is thankful that he rarely travels!  He’s away this week on business (code for vacation in his line of work).  So I decided to have a little stay-cation!  I walked through two of my favorite stores and bought everything I thought was cute, but then talked myself out of most of it because even if it takes a year, I need to save my dollars for my kitchen remodel.  We’ve had three bids so far and I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out who I want to work with.  Now for the account to be stocked and ready!  This will be our first remodel to hire out — I’ll explain our thinking on that soon.

#FabFound @ItsOverflowing 3

The first thing I almost bought was this basket on wheels!  It was sturdy, cute and I think right about $20 — couldn’t think of a spot to put it so I passed — but if I figure out soon I’m throwing all three sweeties in the car and running back over to Marshalls.  This was hard to pass up!  Below is what greeted me at the door as I first walked in.  My initial thought — WHY are you moving on from yellow and gray — they are made for each other!

#FabFound @ItsOverflowing

There were a lot of these ‘Home Sweet Home’ pillows below and in several different colors.  I picked one up for my front porch bench.  Have I showed you my front porch yet!?!  Probably not, because even though my mom has reminded me several times, I still haven’t added pansies to the pots or bed!  I’m really wishing I did, but think I’ve missed my window of planting them and the roots having a chance to thrive!  I need to send my mom a save-the-date for this Spring – you, me and a couple flats of flowers!

#FabFound @ItsOverflowing 2

And these sweet things stare at me every visit!  It’s getting harder and harder to resist.  Don’t you think these would be perfect Lydia (I know you’d like me to tone down my brown in the family room a bit).  They really are a great price at $199 each, but I better tone down the brown by begging Stud to make me a new coffee table and painting it something light and airy instead!

#FabFound @ItsOverflowing 4

These folding chairs ended up in my trunk when I left Marshalls.  Couldn’t help it!  They were $35 and I know this summer having some extra seating around the pool will come in handy!  Bamboo with  Rush Seats just seemed right!

#FabFound @ItsOverflowing 6

This jewelry organizer made it in the cart, but I went back and put it on the shelf again.  My neighbor just organized her closet (jewelry is hanging now) and it looks amazing!  If I had a wall in my closet this would be hanging on it for sure!!!  Closet organization for Stud and I is still in the works!  We’re still a little overwhelmed by all that space after sharing an itty bitty closet for a few years in our rancher.

#FabFound @ItsOverflowing 5

After grabbing several cute tanks and a pair of comfy pant for Little B, I made my way to the register and then to Target!  Recognize the quilt below!?!  This is exactly what I was looking for my boys a year ago when I was updating their room.  I would have totally grabbed for them and put the blue stuff away for now if they made it in a twin!  Since it doesn’t come in a twin, I just might pick it up for my guest room!?!  Don’t sell out yet Target!

Gray Quilt @ItsOverflowing

And while at Target I took a peek at the Valentines Decor!  It was slim pickings, but I did see a wool heart garland similar to mine on my mantel.  This year’s garland is pictured below!  I just think it’s the cutest!

Valentines Decor @ItsOverflowing 2

And of course every February we have to have cute little heart straws to make life more fun!  Now we can party large when Stud comes home tonight!!!

Valentines Decor @ItsOverflowing

And just for smiles, I totally love these Chocolate someecards boxes!

• Thanks for never suggesting we just be friends.

• You’re going to love the Valentine’s Day plans you told me to make.

Valentines Day Wording @ItsOverflowing

Tomorrow I’ll be back with a fun Dreamy Dwelling House Tour (I love Fridays).  And don’t forget to come over early Sunday morning to check out my link party!

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  1. Great finds, Aimee! I’m in the same boat as you right now as we’re saving to renovate our main floor. I came across a quote yesterday that really helps put things into perspective that I think you’ll like: https://plus.google.com/112291769782992619529/posts/NSCc4QcFGJe

  2. I love the jewelry organizer and the pillows! I’m in the process of decluttering my house and reorganizing – these would be perfect!

  3. I love that basket and I didn’t even realize the wheels on it until you said they were. The only room I would really be able to use it in would be our bedroom or living room and both have carpet so the wheels wouldn’t really be all the useful. I will probably still try to find a use for it anyways!

  4. Diana says:

    Well that yellow and grey pillow is cute , but the bamboo and rush chairs were a steal. Are you going to paint the bamboo or just leave them the way they are? Decisions….decisions.

  5. Ohh I must have that grey and yellow pillow for my office. Too bad the closest Marshalls/ Homegoods is over an hour away and if I did make it down there this weekend they would not have the pillow.

  6. I love decor shopping! Must try Marshall’s, we have them here just never been in one! Wow, I better hurry!