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Orchid is Pantone’s color and Potterybarn is all about Indigo, but I have been crushing on another color and wanted to find new pillow covers for Spring in that new favorite color.  I searched lots of stores until I found it — exactly what I was wanting.  The shade of my color was very specific and it had to be a good price because this is just a crush, totally a phase.

Cute Pillows Great Price

When I saw the price, I didn’t have high expectations.  I’ll admit it, the free shipping discount code gets me every time (I’ll try and let you know next time they have a promotion).  Have you ever ordered from H&M?  We have the clothing store not far from my house and I’ve bought several cute things there for myself, Stud, and Little B, but until my crazy hunt for specific pillow covers I had no idea H&M home existed!

H&M Pillows @ItsOverflowing 6

Here it is — Light Pink 20×20 cushion covers in cotton canvas with concealed zip!  $5.95.  Craziness, I know!  And the quality is great.

H&M Pillows @ItsOverflowing

I’m convinced these are the most perfect Spring pillows EVER — I’m pretty sure I’ll be pulling them out every year around this time! Over the next couple of months we’re celebrating Valentines Day, Our Anniversary, and Easter in a BIG way!  Cushion covers totally rock!   Did you notice I got my cute new wreath hanging on the front door now!?  Oh and my little ‘Love’ Valentines Decor is leaning on the mirror in my entry.

H&M Pillows @ItsOverflowing 2

 Now if the weather would just cooperate with my very obvious readiness for Spring!

H&M Pillows @ItsOverflowing 4

Did you pick up a white Nate Berkus Cream Tortoise Shell last year!?!  The ‘shiny lacquered finish — massively impressive scale’ designer resin turtle shell even made it as Country Living’s Deal of the Month!  (Mine is in the pic below).  I miss my sweet friend Nate chatting with me about design daily, but I am thankful he keeps sharing his good style with us at Target!

H&M Pillows @ItsOverflowing 5

I totally think if he was on air he’d tell us to order some of these fabulous pillow covers and for the price, switch them out often, right?!!!  Check out some of the pillows at H&M — I love how the rooms are staged in their online pics — they have a little something for everyone!

Cute Pillows Great Price

Cute Pillows Great Price

Cute Pillows Great Price

Cute Pillows Great Price

Cute Pillows Great Price

The pics that aren’t my home are from H&M Home – I’m obsessed with their pillow covers!  And if you haven’t seen my new house and the updates, check out old and new updates (here).

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  1. Grace says:

    Just curious about the H&M canvas covers – do they attract a lot of lint? I’m looking for covers that I won’t have to delint all the time. Thanks!

    • So far I haven’t noticed a lot of lint — I’ll add another comment here if that changes!!! XO, Aimee

  2. H & M is the coolest site ever for pillow covers! You cannot beat the price!
    And I’m loving the pink!

  3. So cute! I didn’t know they had a home section! I’m going there right now!

  4. That is an amazing deal! Thanks for the resource!

    And the Nate Berkus toirtoise shell… yeah, definitely still kicking myself over missing that one!

  5. tracy mccormack says:

    Love those ~ just went over there and purchased 5 covers lol…..and I was all set to make this a no-spend February 😉

  6. Sarah says:

    Oh my word. I can’t believe the price! What a great deal for such a cute pillow perfect for Valentines day. Thanks so much for sharing. Have a great week.

  7. Joan says:

    OMG, love the pillow covers too! Thanks for posting them. A new website for me!

  8. I can’t stop buying their pillow covers. I’m so addicted! I have the geometric black and white ones too and I think all their animal pillow covers. I love love love their velvet ones too!

    • How did I miss this Julia!?!? Do you order online? I want my store to carry these covers!!! And I want lots of velvet, animal, and geometric, too! The prices are amazing and they’re totally great quality!!! Hard not to be addicted! XO, Aimee

  9. Diana says:

    Awesome price for those pillow covers. I just found out H&M had a home decor section, I think it is new. Popping over to check these out. Thanks!

    • Have fun Diana! There are tons of covers to check out!!! XO, Aimee