Why I Love My Miele – Final Post in Series

Why I Love My Miele.  Six months ago I was invited to New Jersey on my first “business trip” as a blogger.  There, I was introduced to Miele, a family owned German vacuum company that began in the 1920s.  We sat through several hours of industry education, there were lots of snacks throughout, and then went into the lab to try all the models!

Miele Vacuum @ItsOverflowing

On paper, Miele really is better than any vacuum on the market — J.D. Power & Associates has ranked Miele Vacuums (canister and upright) highest in customer satisfaction, but some people (me) have to test things out for themselves!  One of the things that sets Miele vacuums apart from the rest is they filter with a 100% sealed system.   At home, I put my new Miele to the test.  I turned it on and felt for any escaping air between the seams, dirty air escaping is really, really bad!  Unlike any vacuum I’d used before, I couldn’t feel even the slightest bit of air.

#PureAirBlog - Miele @ItsOverflowing

Over the last six months I’ve noticed a lot less dust in my house, not easy for a home that is constantly in motion with diy projects, a craft-loving girl, two crazy little boys, a feisty Yorkie, and lots of friends!  I give my Miele total credit!  I like how easy it is to handle and how I can now clean under furniture, couches, beds, dressers, with the power-head attachment.   It is very quiet and really well made, I use it on carpet, hardwood floors, and my rugs and the suction adjusts to work on whatever surface it’s cleaning.

Why I Love My Miele

Although my time as an official #PureAirBlog is wrapping up, this will not be the last you hear about my Miele.  It has become a product I love and totally depend on!  You can learn more about why I love Miele by checking out my links below!

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I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own. Tomorrow I’ll be back with another AMAZING house tour and early Sunday morning Overflowing with Creativity will be open for you to share your latest and greatest!!!

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  1. Very awesome, I hadn’t heard about Miele before today! That is pretty awesome LESS dust!

  2. I’ve never heard of this! Our $50 shark has been working well for three years so far, knock on wood, I am not sure these would be in our budget 🙂

  3. I’ve had a Miele vacuum for over 10 years. I remember when hubby suggested we consider that brand I ranted on and on about not spending that much for a vacuum; it works as great today as the day we bought it, has never needed a single repair, and gets all surfaces amazingly clean, even with a shedding dog in residence. Divide the purchase cost / years of ownership and what an amazing value it has been for us … before our Miele we were replacing vacuums on average about every 20 months. We have been so pleased with our Miele that it has lead us to also purchase a Miele oven, exhaust hood, and dishwasher … they’re all great but the dishwasher is truly a stand out!

  4. Diana says:

    When I need a vacuum I’m going to look into this one. I think you need a good one or you’re wasting your time cleaning. Thanks for the info!