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Today, we have another great craft in our series, A Craft Made By You.  Have you started Spring Cleaning!?!  Check out this amazing system for Organizing Craft Supplies, Jennifer Carroll from Celebrating Everyday Life is here to share this simple, practical and pretty craft project with you!

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Recently I set out to organize my home office/craft studio. The space had been woefully neglected and had become more of a storage/dumping ground piled high with boxes. I finally said to myself “enough is enough!” so I rolled up my sleeves and waded into the sea of boxes, baskets and glitter. Organizing the big things – paint, brushes, bottles of glitter, etc… was pretty easy with the help of baskets and tubs. But little things like pins, chalk, pretty brooches, etc… I didn’t want to see these get “lost” in the bottom of some bin. By happy coincidence a neglected cupcake tower (that had been used once and then I just didn’t know what to do with it!) was also languishing in the clutter of this room and it suddenly hit me – what if I used this to help corral these little bits and bobs? I grabbed a jar (from my ever present stash of mason jars!) and set it on the tower to test it and it worked, but then I thought it would be so much more convenient if it turned. A short trip to Walmart for a lazy susan turntable and I was in business!

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Here is a list of the supplies that I used to pull this together:

• Cupcake tower

• Lazy Susan Turntable

• Chalk Paint in “Pure White”

• Paint Brush

• Mason Jars in assorted sizes with lids and bands

• Old book pages

• A circle punch

For the lazy susan, I simply peeled off the tag (a razor blade helped with this) and lightly sanded where the sticker had been to remove any glue residue. Then I painted it with one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in “Pure White”. I didn’t wax mine – I may regret that decision later (ha!) but for now, I’m going to just let it be.

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I used a circle punch to cut out old book pages for the tops of the jars. I thought about painting the tops but realized my to-do list right now was pressing on me and decided that I like the look of the book pages just as much and this took less than five minutes to cover all the jars! I simply used a circle punch by Marvy (it’s approximately 2.5″ round) which made a perfect size circle for the top once the band was screwed on. Best of all, the band keeps it in place so I didn’t even need to glue it! Yay!!

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Now, just fill your jars with your treasures and supplies and stack on your rack! I topped my rack off by clipping an Anna Griffin butterfly tag that I love with one of my glittered clothespins (another fun and simple project of mine!).

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My cupcake tower is very stable on the lazy susan so I didn’t need to secure it to the base in any way. Check yours to be sure it’s sitting snugly. You don’t want it wiggling as it spins.

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I love having all my supplies on my desk in jars so I can see them. It also adds a nice touch to the decor. I tucked a few cupcake baking cups on the bottom with a few more loose supplies. It adds a nice pop of color and helps keep everything tidy.

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Awesome, right!  Hop on over to visit my friend Jennifer’s blog and magazine: Celebrating Everyday Life with Jennifer Carroll where she shares lots of fun projects like this as well as food, decor, and inspiration for, well… Celebrating Everyday Life!

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  1. Wonderfully brilliant idea!! Love.

  2. You are a GENIUS!!! I must get on this ASAP! Pure genius.

    • I totally agree — Jennifer is a total genius! Her mags are great too if you haven’t checked them out yet on her blog!!! XO, Aimee

  3. Fabulous!! I don’t have a cupcake tower like that….but I bet lots of gals do and are thrilled with this idea! I’m pretty sure a friend of mine does….off to share with her now. 🙂

  4. Mary W. says:

    I have a wood lazy susan that I thrifted, and I have been wondering what I could use it for…bingo!

  5. what a great idea! i have a cupcake piece like that- genius!

  6. So organized and pretty!