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Today, we have another great craft in our series, A Craft Made By You.   My sweet friend Samantha is sharing a fun tip to make organizing pretty!  Here she is  —  I love a great notebook to keep me organized. I keep mine in my purse and use it to jot down notes, shopping lists, and my never ending ‘to dos’. Having paper and pen handy is important to me because I never know when inspiration will hit. I like to write down an idea before I forget it!  Sometimes my mind (and my life!) can feel like a jumbled mess. But by having a notebook to keep me organized, I feel like that mess can be beautiful.

A notebook can also be used as a journal- fill it with notes of inspiration, bible verses, and words of wisdom. It can also serve as a place to record thoughts and feelings.

Today, I will show you how to create a beautiful notebook that you will be proud to carry. A pretty notebook makes it easier to capture all those creative ideas and keep you feeling organized. I like the idea of taking something ordinary and with a little mess, turning it into something beautiful.

Here is what you need:


-Composition Notebook

-Assorted Scrapbook paper or wrapping paper


-Paint Brush

-Decoupage of your choice (Mod Podge or Martha Stewart)

Paper Cut-outs (I found my Butterflies at Michaels, they are by Martha Stewart)


1. Cut up your scrapbook paper and attach them to the cover of your journal. I cut mine up into squares to give it a ‘quilt’ feel. It would also be cute to cut the scrapbook paper into strips and make a pattern of stripes. Smaller rectangles could be used to create a herringbone pattern. Use decoupage to attach the paper to your notebook. Once the front dried, I added them to the back as well. 

2. After the paper squares were in place, I used some gold craft paint to dress up the spine.

3. Then I painted the decoupage on the back of the butterflies and pressed them into place.

4. Finally, I applied a coat of decoupage over the entire front cover. Once it dried, I did the same with the back cover.

And that’s it! With a little scrapbook paper (and a little mess) you can turn an ordinary composition book into a beautiful notebook! 

Do you ever feel like your life is a bit of a mess? If you look hard enough, you just might spot some beauty.  Organizing Made Pretty!!!

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  1. Betty819 says:

    I haven’t used this type of composition book since I was in elementary school but you know what, it would be a lot easier to carry along shopping then one that is spiral type. Maybe look for a smaller one then this to take along in one’s purse or tote bag. Looks like you might have used an old grocery paper bag or Kraft paper to cover it in. That’s what we used when I was in elementary school too. “Poor man’s way!” I’m looking at a mess box that I use for small tablets or note see if I have anything in there that I could cover this way and use. I do have two and I won’t even have to cover it..must have purchased it from craft store bins or maybe the grocery store office/school supply section, or maybe even office supply store. Sometimes they have a bin of neat stuff like this for $1. Thanks for this idea..I’m excited about being able to find your idea and not having to do anything to my little note pad that I’ve had along and could have been using!

  2. Diana says:

    This journal is so pretty thank you.