Remodeled Rancher House Tour

Ready for another Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour!?!   Anyone up for checking out a Remodeled Rancher!?  Stud and I have lived in two ranchers since we’ve been married and while we are so happy to be living in our dream home, we will both be forever obsessed with the simplicity of ranchers — in so many ways they are a perfect match for our personalities!  This beautiful rancher sold in a few short hours!

Remodeled Rancher - 01

Beyond a great location and wonderful schools, I’m always amazed what a fresh coat of paint will do for a home — painting the trim in our old rancher did prove to be a ton of work!  Our advice — if you’re painting trim in an old rancher, assume they used oil based paint and follow with the same type paint to avoid a chippy mess!

Remodeled Rancher - 02

I love the original chandelier in this room…back in the day, I painted my original chandelier and it turned out so pretty, but I think in here it’s perfect unpainted!

Remodeled Rancher - 03

Another view of the front room — love that large window and that cow pic above the piano.  It’s on my must have list!

Remodeled Rancher - 04

This living room is so inviting.  I love the oversized sectional with a black and white picture collage above and the chippy table in front of the sectional is totally a fun bit of whimsy.

Remodeled Rancher - 05

After tearing off the wallpaper in the bathrooms at my rancher I told myself wallpaper is forever out of the question.  I’m battling with myself now because I have had such a change of heart.  Isn’t this wall just perfect!?!  Are you getting tempted by wallpaper, too!?

Remodeled Rancher - 06

Pretty hardwood floors…

Remodeled Rancher - 07

I think this kitchen must have been opened up at some point — they’re usually more secluded.  The lighting in here and open cabinetry help enlarge the space and give the room a more updated look on a definite budget.

Remodeled Rancher - 08

I’m always impressed with how good a butcher block styled countertop looks.  I’m tempted to have my cabinets redone and have Stud build a makeshift countertop while we save up the rest!

Remodeled Rancher - 09

Opening the cabinets gave the kitchen a perfect cookbook storage solution!

Remodeled Rancher - 11

Built-ins are my love language!  That’s one thing that you don’t get very often when you move into a new(er) home.

Remodeled Rancher - 12

Cute mismatched chairs!

Remodeled Rancher - 13

Anyone else totally taken by shutters!?!  I’m trying to convince Stud that he can build them for my windows!!!?  So far I’m getting a maybe — that’s better than a NO!

Remodeled Rancher - 14

Remodeled Rancher - 16

That vase (below) is totally unexpected and dreamy!

Remodeled Rancher - 17

The kids room is HUGE!  I think instead of full and twin beds I’d throw in a couple bunks!  The more floor room the better for kids!

Remodeled Rancher - 18

An Outdoor Kitchen and Dining!

Remodeled Rancher - 20

And a HUGE backyard!!!

Remodeled Rancher - 22

What are you loving about this home!?!?  Are you in a ranch style home!?  Ever had a rancher!?!  I love that the scale of furniture these homeowners chose for their home — they’ve done an awesome job with the remodel!

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  1. I love this rancher! They did a wonderful job updating it. It’s no wonder it sold in a few hours! I’m starting to gravitate back toward wallpaper too. I was just thinking of wallpapering one wall in my bedroom. And shutters…I love them! My mom has plantation shutters throughout her house and I’m so envious! Loved this post!