Little Cottage House Tour

Ready for another Dreamy Dwelling Home Tour!?!  Tricia from Little Cottage on the Pond is sharing her new build home that they do the best to distress and replace to give it more of an old farmhouse feel!  Let’s look around this pretty Cottage House Tour!!!

Little Cottage House Tour-2

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We built our own shutters to give our cottage a farmhouse look.  Go here to read about how we did it!

Little Cottage House Tour

Welcome to our entry —

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Read about our nautical map ceiling and other ways we added some old charm here.

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Asked to describe my decorating style and I really cannot narrow it down to one.  It’s more of a mixture-ish blend of modern country,  industrial, vintage, Pottery Barn meets cottage chic.   Yeah, that pretty much sums it up.

I consider myself to be amazingly lucky to be married to my own personal contractor.  I do the design and color choices, and he is the muscle and make it happen guy.  We are a match made in DIY heaven.  Our projects are a part of our love language, and working side by side while talking and laughing fills my heart.

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Our home is just under 1,900 square feet and we made a few modifications while building it.  The front room was supposed to be a formal dining room, but we felt that using it as a study/library best fit our families needs.  There was also supposed to be a large opening from the kitchen to that front room, but since we opted to use it for a library, we walled it in and added our “super pantry”.  (no cape, but loads of storage room).

This is the library.  I did the doodling/sketching/design and Travis, over the course of ten months, made it happen.  We tweaked and changed things along the way when they didn’t quite work out as we planned, or we just plain ‘ol changed our minds- as we tend to do.

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The built ins are the height of the ceiling (9ft) and wrap around the room.  I really wanted to incorporate my love of chicken wire and drop a subtle hint to Travis that I would love to own actual real live chickens, so I used the wire on the bookcase doors.  In case you are wondering, he didn’t quite get the hint and I still don’t have farm fresh eggs in the morning.

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This section here is where the doorway should have opened up to the kitchen.

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The butler’s bell was a gift from my mom.  Yes, we are huge Downtown Abbey fans and ring the bell before each episode!

The next room on our tour is the kitchen.  This is a hard working kitchen.  I love to cook, and we host “Dead and Dinner” each Sunday night.  We are over the top fans of The Walking Dead (since season one, we are not “new” fans 😉  and have a group of about twenty people over for dinner and the show.  The kitchen started out as a typical builder grade kitchen…

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I skirted the island because I really disliked it — when in doubt, skirt it!  We tore out the upper cabinets, added open shelving, and threw in a bit of my favourite Pottery Barn squared off style to give it more of a farmhouse vibe…

Little Cottage House Tour-17


 I love having a large kitchen island.  We tore out the existing one and built our own using bead-board accents and some salvaged wood to add character.

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Right off the kitchen is the laundry room…

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Our living room is the only room where we gather to talk, watch television and play games.  It is open to the kitchen and we love our view of our little pond out back.

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Little Cottage House Tour-24

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Little Cottage House Tour-25

Our oldest daughter, Sara, has the colourful room- dubbed the “Florida room”…


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Sara and I paint signs for The Happy Soul Project– Painting Outside the Lines.  If you want to read an amazing story about a group of us who decided to change people’s perceptions about people with intellectual disabilities I highly recommend popping over for a read.

Little Cottage House Tour-37

Our master bedroom is my favourite room in the house…. The headboard was made by my husband and is the focal point of the entire room.  Read how we made it here.

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BRPD Web-67

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Builder Grade Cabinets — again with skirting!  Travis makes most of our frames.  I like the chunky look of thick frames and I think they compliment our style well.  I did a how to post on making his frames here.

Little Cottage House Tour-32

Our doors are painted using ASCP in Graphite with a clear wax.  We love the look of chalk paint, and even used it on our kitchen cabinets.  Three years later and it has all held up very well.

Little Cottage House Tour-33

Thank you so much for stopping in to see our cottage.  We love our surroundings and the DIY projects we do, but we know that it is the love we share, the memories we create and the life we live that puts the real beauty in our home.  To read more about our family adventures, decorating and DIY, life with Down Syndrome and homeschooling you can visit our blog at

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  1. 404momi says:

    Thank you for sharing pictures of your home. Everything is beautiful – your home and family.

  2. Cindi says:

    I love the swimmer over your daughters bed. My daughter is a swimmer…..could your please tell me where you got it?


  3. Christina hamm says:

    Id love to know where she bought those couches.. Any chance we can find out? I was in wisteria this weekend and saw style just like but definitely didn’t look at soft and comfortable as style in picture. Any suggestions in finding out?

  4. Yvette says:

    Loved the execution of details in this amazing home…absolutely lovely…a reflection of the beautiful family.

  5. What a great home. I adore the maps on the ceiling and the bunk beds are my kids’ dream

  6. Seriously such a beautiful home…Such great style…

  7. Melanie says:

    Loved your home tour ,and after reading the entire post it really seems to reflect your lifestyle and family values. Great imagination and executation of ideas. Look forward to seeing more.

  8. Leslie says:

    Love all of the details in this home!! Especially the little paint brushes dipped in black…never would have thought of that, but so cool! Love the dinner bell! Just beautiful…all of it!

  9. Diana says:

    This is a great post. What makes it so perfect are the personal touches, I love it! Have a great weekend Aimee.

  10. Beautiful! I love that kitchen and the overall vibe of the home!

  11. cassie says:

    such a gorgeous cozy home, and it just feels happy!