Easter Banners and Decor

I totally LOVE Easter.  I love seeing the flowers begin to bloom and the green blades of grass peeking through the straw-like winter grass.  I love Easter Banners and Decor.  I love warm days and cool nights.  I love that Easter this year is towards the end of April so I have more time than usual to enjoy the little touches I’ve added to the house and more time to actually take pics and share them with you!

Target Easter Banner @ItsOverflowing

 A couple dollars well spent at Target — this banner is way too cute!

Target Easter Decor 2 @ItsOverflowing

I’m still using my same Boxwood Wreath!  Trying to us them on my front and side door all year long and just change up the look a bit each month.  The wood Spring sign was a fun Target find — just a couple bucks.

Berkerely the Yorkie @ItsOverflowing

Berkeley Bunny loves it, too!  I’m working on teaching her to sit when the door is open, no joke, in this picture she’s staring down a couple on a walk with a black lab.  Proud mommy moment!  (Stud thinks she’s afraid to go out because she knows the other dogs would make fun of her).

Bunny Costume @ItsOverflowing

Our mantel has been covered in precious condolence cards from friends and family.  I think of all the cards I’ve received in my lifetime, these were the sweetest and most comforting to my heart.  And now it’s Easter week and so I’ve tucked the cards away where I can reread them and the kids and I have added this cute Target bunny garland — another couple bucks.

Target Easter Decor @ItsOverflowing

This little Easter nest was given to me by Moni — my sweet mother-in-law several years ago.  Every year I love pulling it out of my Easter bin! It works great with my simple IKEA framed tree and made-by-me candleholder.

Spring Mantel @ItsOverflowing

Each year when I take my Easter bin out of the attic — I love pulling out my favorite Easter Tree.

Easter Tree @ItsOverflowing

As seen on Instagram –Somebunny Loves You!!!  Berkeley loves getting new clothes and her favorite thing is being told she’s so pretty!  She wears her Bunny Suit proudly!

Yorkie Easter Bunny @ItsOverflowing

Little B and I love this little felt Easter Egg  Banner for her very girlie room! — another Target find!

Target Easter Banner 3 @ItsOverflowing

I love this time of year not only because I love pretty decor!  I love that my Savior loved me so much that He died a gruesome, humiliating death fulfilling Old Testament prophecy.  I am so thankful that death couldn’t keep Him and on that third day, Jesus rose from the dead!  All who love and believe in Him will also go to Heaven someday, to live forevermore with Him!  Yep, Easter totally ROCKS!  And if you want to know more about talking with your kids about Easter, I love this resource!!!

More FUN Easter Decor


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  1. I love the boxwood wreath and the fact that you can dress it up for various holidays and seasons. And your little dog? So sweet! Easter blessings to you and yours.

  2. Love the banners! Berkeley is a cutie pie!!

  3. Love all your Easter touches…Berkeley is too cute 🙂 I love this time of year too b/c it is the highlight for us as believers…without our Savior and all He suffered and endured, where o where would we be? This year is a time of hope for mankind!
    Have a truly blessed Easter!!

  4. Oh Aimee, I love it all! So glad you were able to keep the planter …it looks charming on your front porch filled with pretty plants! Miss Berkeley steals the show!