DIY Flower Vase – Trash to Treasure

Today, we have another great craft in our series, A Craft Made By You.   Katie from Creatively Living blog is here to share a totally creative tutorial for a real cute Spring Craft!   DIY Flower Vase — I love a trash to treasure story, don’t you!!!

Jute Wrapped Wine Jugs


DIY Flower Vase

My friend at Junque Chic 5 had extra wine jugs she had been saving and agreed to donate them to my crafting addiction.

DIY Flower Vase-3

Since I see these larger wine jugs used for lamps and all sorts of cool things, I knew they would have many possibilities.

DIY Flower Vase-2

I decided to do a simple project with them for May Day (since they work so well as vases). I cleaned them up, and printed out some numbers.

DIY Flower Vase-4

I wasn’t sure how I would attach the numbers and I didn’t feel like cutting all of them, so I just cut out one and used it to help me freehand trace the number on the jug. If you cut vinyl, it would work perfectly!

DIY Flower Vase-5

Then I took my ginormous pile of twine and started wrapping and hot gluing.

DIY Flower Vase-6

I glued “here and there”, probably using two glue spots per jute circle around the jug.

DIY Flower Vase-7

I wrapped the top and bottom. I think it would be cool to use twine or yarn on the entire vase too.

may day wine jug-1

I think I’ll keep these 3 for me….

may day wine jug 2-1

and give one to my giving friend with the number 5 and some lilacs in it.

DIY Flower Vase

So there ya have it. Another project to use up those wine bottles.  You can find Jute Wrapped Wine Jugs and other fun ideas from Katie at Creatively Living.

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  1. They look GREAT! So clever…

  2. What a very creative way to use those bottles. I love how they turn out! Now I want some bottles of wine. lol

  3. Another reason to buy jugs of wine!!!

  4. They look fabulous, what a great idea. Love it.

    • I know, right! Katie always amazes me — she has such great style!!! XO, Aimee