DIY Framing Photos

Today, we have another great craft in our series, A Craft Made By You.   Autumn from It’s Always Autumn, is sharing two great ways for DIY Framing Photos.  We all love displaying pics in our homes — I totally love her utra-easy, super-cheap photo collage.  Thanks for inspiring us Autumn!

DIY Framing Photos

Collages like this are often called “storyboards” and they’re the perfect way to showcase a number of favorite photos from a photoshoot. You know how you can never choose just one to frame? This is the solution! It’s an easy way to showcase a number of favorite photos in a clean, modern display. You can order storyboards from print shops and they usually come mounted on foam board for easy hanging, framing, or displaying. But they can be costly, so I figured I’d DIY it instead. This cute 16×20 storyboard photo display cost less than $5 and took less than an hour to put together:

DIY Framing Photos-2

To make your own, you’ll need:


• 1 piece of white foam core board (found at the dollar store)

• 6 4×6 prints

• 6 squares of card stock or other colored paper that coordinate with your photos, final size will be 4×4

• exacto knife, ruler, paper trimmer, adhesive

DIY Framing Photos-3

To begin, trim your foam board down to 16×20 inches (the ones at the dollar store start about 20×28 inches), using a ruler or yardstick and an exacto knife. Work carefully to get a nice clean cut. It can be easiest to score just through the top layer of foam board first, then go back and slice all the way through. (You might want to buy 2 when you’re at the store since they’re only a dollar each – then if you make a mistake the first time you don’t have to drive all the way back!)

Lay out your photos and card stock pieces, moving them around until you like the arrangement.

DIY Framing Photos-4

Carefully trim all your photos and card stock pieces to exactly 4×4 inches – it’s pretty important to be as precise as possible. Then line everything up on your foam board – there should be a 2 inch border around the photos/squares once they are all lined up nicely.

Pick up one photo/square at a time and apply adhesive to the back (I used a scrapbook tape runner), then carefully adhere down to the foam board in the correct spot. Go slowly, making sure things are lined up. If you’d like, you can lightly trace a box on the foam board – 2 inches in from each edge – before you begin adhering things down to make it easier to line everything up.

DIY Framing Photos-5

And that’s it! You have a modern photo display that can be framed or can stand alone on a shelf – I think it actually looks cooler without a frame. It’s super lightweight, so it’s easy to hang on the wall using photo strips.

easy way to make a DIY storyboard photo display mounted on cheap foam core board

I liked the look of this storyboard photo display so much that I made another one – but for this version I created the entire thing digital in Photoshop Elements, then printed it out as one 16×20 print and adhered that onto foam board.

DIY Framing Photos-7

Visit me at It’s Always Autumn for step-by-step instructions for creating a storyboard digitally, as well as tips on selecting photos and colors for a storyboard display. You’ll also find plenty of photography tutorials, such as an easy fix for dark or underexposed photos, sewing tutorials, like my new one seam maxi dress, and delicious recipes, like better than Olive Garden breadsticks.  Excited to chat with you soon!!!

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  1. MaggieM says:

    Great idea! And, it looks great. I’ll have to make a run to the Dollar store!

  2. Such a cute project! Love it!