DIY Spring Flowers – Trash to Treasure

Today, we have another great craft in our series, A Craft Made By You.   Emily from Elizabeth Joan Designs is here to share a totally creative tutorial for a real cute Spring Craft!   DIY Spring Flowers — I love a trash to treasure story, don’t you!!!

DIY Whisk Flowers - 04

A few weeks ago, I was getting ready to donate a box of old cooking utensils when my four year old son saw a wire hand whisk we were about to part with and asked if he could keep it. I said “sure.” A few minutes later, he asked if I could turn it into a butterfly for him. As I started to pull it apart, I realized that this was an impossible task and it looked more like a flower than a butterfly. At this point he was no longer interested in the whisk, but now I was. There were endless possibilities here!

DIY Whisk Flowers - 05

Whenever any type of creative idea hits me, I always call my sister, Erin. Her and I talked, hashing out the details for this whisk flower, deciding that wrapping it in fabric was my best bet. She recommended the magic number of three and I agreed. So, off to the store I went to buy a couple more wire whisks and make my fabric selections.


Here is how the flowers were made:

DIY Whisk Flowers - 01

First, I started by pulling each wire loop apart from the grouping to create the petals.

DIY Whisk Flowers - 02

Next, I cut small strips of fabric and wrapped one around each petal, attaching it with liquid stitch glue. (I noticed when I was making my first flower, that I could see through the white parts of fabric a little bit. So for each additional flower I made, I first wrapped the petals with plain white muslin, then with the patterned fabric. Problem solved! This made them look much better.)

DIY Whisk Flowers - 06
DIY Whisk Flowers - 07

Once I completed the whole flower, I got back on the phone with my loving sister and we started brainstorming ideas for the center.

DIY Whisk Flowers - 08

After a few text messages and several minutes of talking, Erin suggested that I make fabric flowers to be the centers, and I did just that.  Long strips of fabric were rolled up and glued to the middle of my whisk.

DIY Whisk Flowers - 03
DIY Whisk Flowers - 09


DIY Whisk Flowers - 10

Finally, I repeated all of the above steps until I had three beautiful blossoms.

DIY Whisk Flowers - 11

Aren’t they adorable? They make the ideal spring/summer decor. These would also be so cute for a party, or a mother’s day gift. Like I said before, the possibilities are endless.  We hope you enjoyed our tutorial and can’t wait to see you soon over at Elizabeth Joan Design.

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  1. Sooo cute and fun! Love them 😡

  2. Oh my word, how fun is this. Love it.