Organizing a Kids Dresser

Little B will start middle school next year (CRAZY).  She has begun washing her own clothes (not always, but sometimes), and is getting real good about putting them away in the right drawers.  Recently, as she was placing her clothes into her large dresser drawers, I picked up on some chaos and decided it was time to come up with a better system.  Her dresser would be a lot easier to keep sorted if I separated the drawers into smaller spaces so I added Spring Loaded Drawer Dividers.   A Couple Weeks Later —  this has made all the difference in Organizing her Dresser!

Organizing Kids Dresser @ItsOverflowing 3

These drawer dividers aren’t exactly cheap, but they last for years and they really work!  Little B is now able to keep her undies, pjs, and socks organized within the same drawer.  And her tshirts, athletic shorts, and tanks in another.

Organizing a Kids Dresser @ItsOverflowing 2

Passing a bunch of clothes that no longer fit to her cousin also helped my cause of Organizing a Kids Dresser!

Organizing a Kids Room @ItsOverflowing

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  1. These are great! I noticed that you roll Little B’s shirts…I need to do that. K has so many, and when we stack them they are too hard to keep organized. Her drawers are usually overflowing! Thanks for the tips!

  2. These are awesome! But every time I organize my kids drawer I get mad at myself because with a day or two they look just as bad as before 🙁 kids…

  3. Love this idea, and I think I need some of those dividers.