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Yesterday I showed you how I changed out the ceiling fan in the kitchen and today — Easy Switch to Recessed Lights from Pendant Lights and Then Back (if you’d like)!

Switch Can Lights and Pendant Lights @ItsOverflowing 1

I totally value simplicity in my decor.  Maybe a little too much — it’s sorta unblogger-ish!?!  But after getting rid of the ceiling fan over the kitchen nook, the pendant lights needed to go, too.  Yep, same day, I picked up two new recessed light kits and batted my eyes at Stud — my electrician for the day!

Wisteria Kitchen Light 1 @ItsOverflowing

We’ve added recessed lights in the past, but it always means cutting sheet rock and that’s a pain so he wasn’t thrilled about getting started.

Switch Can Lights and Pendant Lights @ItsOverflowing 2

You can’t even imagine all of our excitement when we realized our project would take about 2.2 seconds!  The previous owners had adapted the already in place recessed lights with a converter bulb that allowed the pendant light to be added, check it out —

Switch Can Lights and Pendant Lights @ItsOverflowing 6

Very cool, right!

Switch Can Lights and Pendant Lights @ItsOverflowing 3

And another cool thing about it, if I find pendant lights that I love after we finally get around to the kitchen remodel, we can totally find a Pendant Light Conversion Kit we I love or Stud can rework the one we have because he’s handy like that!

Switch Can Lights and Pendant Lights @ItsOverflowing 7

But for now I’m loving the way the kitchen and family room are appearing more like one big room!  Next up, Stud said the big light box needs to go — like we did in the house before our rancher.  I can hardly wait!!!  I’ll show you my complete plan for the kitchen one of these days and see what you think…for now just trying to open the space up as much as possible!

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  1. Fabulous! I’m a simple lighting type of gal myself. Love the clean look! Great choice. 😉