Organizing Bathroom Drawers

I love storage solutions that help me Get Organized.  Over the last several months it seemed my boys were passing way too many viruses back and forth.  In an attempt to curve the germ spreading, I decided it was time to buy them each their own tube of toothpaste and clearly separate their toothbrushes.  Here’s my fun new solution for Organizing Bathroom Drawers for kids.

Organizing Bathroom Drawers @ItsOverflowing 4

My boys sleep in the upstairs game room, you can see the set up, here.  There isn’t a bathroom upstairs so they use the guest bathroom downstairs. I love this bathroom (remember how we added pretty trim around the guest bathroom mirror – love it).  In an attempt to keep my boys healthy, I picked up a Flatware Organizer from Target and placed it in one of the bathroom drawers.  Because the spaces are well defined, the boys have been great about putting their toothpaste and toothbrush back in its place.  —Sooner than later, I’ll need to add deodorant to the back section of this Flatware Organizer for Big B.

Organizing Bathroom Drawers @ItsOverflowing

And when remains of toothpaste start spilling over on the Flatware Organizer — clean up is a breeze!  A cycle through the dishwasher and it’s clean and ready to be used again!!!

Organizing Bathroom Drawers @ItsOverflowing 5

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  1. Now that is very organised! And the kids have no excuse not to put things back where they got them from too!!

  2. I need you to come to my house and organize my whole house!