Organizing Power Tools

The two of us love checking off DIY projects.  I am so excited about our latest update!  We figured out a solution for Organizing Power Tools in the garage.  I’m loving having them in one location with the cords neatly wound up and not tangled!

Garage Organization @ItsOverflowing

This space needed a better storage solution so Stud could use his work bench.

Organizing Garage Tools @ItsOverflowing


–customize to fit your space–

• (2) 10 foot boards, (1) 8 foot board

• Circular Saw

Dremel Tool to cut openings for storing blades.

• Shelving Brackets

• Drill and Screws

Organizing Garage Tools @ItsOverflowing 3

 Cut the 8 foot board into 6 inch pieces using a circular saw.

Organizing Garage Tools @ItsOverflowing 2

Position the tools along one of the ten foot boards and place dividers between each.  Use a pencil to mark their positions.  The 6 inch boards will need to be attached to the 10 foot boards using a Kreg Pocket Hole Jig.

Organizing Garage Tools @ItsOverflowing 4

Make two pocket holes on the top portion of one side (see below).

Organizing Garage Tools @ItsOverflowing 5

And two more pocket holes on the lower portion of the other side (see below).

Organizing Garage Tools @ItsOverflowing 6

Attach the small boards to one side of a ten foot board by inserting screws into the pocket holes.

Organizing Garage Tools @ItsOverflowing 7

Then layer the other 10 foot board across the top and attach to the dividers using the pocket holes on the opposite side.

Organizing Garage Tools @ItsOverflowing 8

Where needed, use a Dremel tool to cut custom openings into the top – power tool resting area (see below).

Organizing Garage Tools @ItsOverflowing 9

Screw shelf brackets into studs along wall designated for power tool organizer.  Place the wooden organizer on shelf brackets and attach with screws.  Done!  It’s now ready to be loaded with power tools.

Garage Organization @ItsOverflowing 2

And now there is enough room on the work bench for Stud to use his miter saw!!

Garage Organization @ItsOverflowing 4

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Garage Organization @ItsOverflowing 3

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  1. What a great idea! I definitely need to build one of these for our garage (The tools are stating to take over!) can I ask – how much clearance did you put between the top of the work surface and the bottom of the shelf? Thanks!!

  2. Al M. says:

    Now tell us how you screwed the pocket screws to the second board…

    • I can totally show you soon — they are very easy! XO, Aimee

      • i’m also stuck at this part – my drill does not fit inside – did you use a small screwdriver by hand for the inside?

  3. Phil V says:

    Great idea. I like how the chargers are with the tools.
    I am adding a back to mine to eliminate shelf brackets and a power bar under one end for the chargers to all plug into.

  4. Rob says:

    Looks great. You can never have too much counter space in the garage.

  5. OMG my hubs would just die for a system like this. Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. This is awesome Aimee! I desperately need some better organization in both my basement and my garage! Pinning so I can do this maybe over the winter : )

  7. Ann says:

    This looks great and gets the tools up and out of the way. Suggest that you add some kind of guard under the circular saw blade so it doesn’t cut the cord stored below it, or any hands that reach up toward it.

    • Thanks Ann!!! Our circular saw has a blade cover that automatically covers it, but if yours didn’t, a guard would be a great idea! XO, Aimee

  8. This is awesome Aimee!! What a great solution!