Painting a Chalkboard Wall

I’ve started the stripes, thanks so much for helping me pick a fun striped pattern for the hallway, it was hard to decide because I loved all five styles!!!  Little B has been begging me to add a Chalkboard Wall to her room.  She already has a cute chalkboard in her room so I hesitated getting another.   As I started to look at her bathroom I found a wall that was not huge, and was tucked out of the way.  And so I started taping with Duck Tape — love that stuff.

Teen Bathroom @ItsOverflowing - 02

I love that a few minutes of prep work saves so much time (unsponsored).  The pic below was taken after one coat of paint.  I ended up adding  three coats

Teen Bathroom @ItsOverflowing - 04

If this had been in the kitchen rather than behind a bathroom door, I probably would have sanded down some of the texture, but for Little B’s room all the dust that would have created (when we already have a MESS of a kitchen) I went with what we had in here.

Teen Bathroom @ItsOverflowing - 05

 Hello Blog Friends!

Teen Bathroom @ItsOverflowing - 06

The Frog Tape pulled away from the wall seamlessly (unlike the yellow masking tape the kitchen crew used to attach the sheets of plastic to the ceiling – my kitchen has way too many unfinished projects already!

Teen Bathroom @ItsOverflowing - 07

After 24 hours of dry time (I couldn’t wait the recommended three days) I used the side of my chalk to rub chalk over the entire surface, allowed it to stay on for a few moments, and then erased it.  And then my wall was ready!!!  Chalkboard paint can be used on glass, cabinets, mirrors, clay pots, wood, and other accessories throughout your home!

Chalkboard Wall @ItsOverflowing - 1

 Oh the possibilities!!!

Chalkboard Wall @ItsOverflowing - 2

My Chalkboard Pen dried up so I need to order another and then I plan on doing something similar to this super cute chalkboard art up high and leave lots of doodle room for Little B below!


You Are My Sunshine Chalkboard Art


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  1. Yes yes I would love to have a wall like that in this house for the grandkids to draw on

    • Aimee says:

      You can do it Jo-Anne!!! Thanks for stopping by sweet friend!!! XO, Aimee

  2. Diane R. says:

    I did a little shopping….best of luck with your fundraiser!

    • Aimee says:

      You are too sweet Diane!!! Thanks LOTS from both Little B and me! XO, Aimee

  3. My #2 has a chalkboard wall in her room and LOVES it!! They are so much fun.

    • Aimee says:

      They are definitely so fun — I’m wondering what took me so long! XO, Aimee