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Another day with my sweeties at Gigi and Pa Camp!  After having 9 out of the 12 of these sweet cousins in and out of my house several times a day, nearly every day over the last 5+ weeks, I knew exactly what I wanted to do today.  Spot Clean the Carpet.  Anna’s sister-in-law had mentioned she used the best carpet cleaner so I picked some up, gave it a try, and it totally surpassed all my expectations.  It effortlessly took care of spots from an exploded gel pen, a couple places where Berkeley had an accident in the house, a little bit of baby spit up, and dirt from lots of foot traffic!

Carpet Cleaning with Kids @ItsOverflowing

Folex upholstery and carpet cleaner is totally the real deal!


It works fast and is easy to use.  Apply a generous amount of Folex to wet the stain and agitate the Folex solution with your finger. It won’t work if it is just left sitting on the stain.  Then blot (don’t rub) the stain with a white paper towel or cloth. Repeat the process if the stain persists.  The stain will disappear before your eyes and won’t damage your carpet or fabric!  The best part is there is no rinsing required at all.  I will be keeping gallon of this liquid miracle in my house at all times (I’ve even started using it on laundry stains).

Folex Carpet Spot Remover @ItsOverflowing

FOLEX is not a soap, so you do not need to add a defoamer.

FOLEX will not leave a sticky residue, so you do not have to rinse.

FOLEX is not a solvent, so your carpet backing will not be damaged.

FOLEX is “Non-Ionic”, so it will not attract dirt back to the cleaned area.

FOLEX is “Non-Toxic”, so your newly cleaned carpet is safe for your children and pets.

Best Carpet Cleaner 2

After seeing Folex remove the exploded gel pen spots I was reminded of a spot left by the previous owners.  It had been covered up so we didn’t know about it until move-in day.  That first week, I scrubbed on the stain with Oxi Clean, Resolve, and a Magic Eraser.  This is as good as it got.  Since the stain is in the boys room where  I don’t hang out a ton, it isn’t a constant bug, but it is a bummer!

Best Carpet Cleaner

Knowing that a permanent marker stain over a year old didn’t have much of a chance, I gave Folex a try!  Want to see the results!?!

Best Carpet Cleaner 4

Definitely not perfect, but MUCH BETTER!

Best Carpet Cleaner 5

In the pic above, the boys bin organizer helps cover the spot a bit and also helps the boys help me keep their room picked up.  Check out these free printable labels and how to get them to stay on your bins (here).

Best Carpet Cleaner @ItsOverflowing

Just like any cleaner, make sure to test for the color stability of whatever you’re treating with Folex by spraying a dot of it in an inconspicuous area.  Find Folex (here).

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These are a few of my FAVORITE things!


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  1. Melanie says:

    Wow, I have never heard of Folex before! I’m definitely getting some to keep on hand here (3 little kids and a big dog do a number on our carpets!!!) Does this get the spots out better than those cleaners?? I’ll be getting some to try for our next carpet disaster. Thanks for pointing us to it, I’ll be buying some tonight!!

  2. Renee says:

    Thank you! Thank you! My daughter’s carpet in her room (in a rental, no less) had a huge stain of tie-dye. I was planning on getting the carpet replaced and dreading the expense. I saw your recommendation of Folex and decided it couldn’t hurt. Folex worked! It removed that huge and horrible stain. It was magic! Thanks so much for directing me to Folex.

  3. Gina says:

    I have never heard of Folex, but it does sound promising. Years ago we completely removed hot pink nail polish on beige carpet with Windex. No joke. COMPLETELY. Still, what I wouldn’t give to get the carpets removed…oh well!

  4. Shelly Andresen says:

    I have been a Folex Fan…til this year! I just found something better. It’s manufactured in Idaho Falls and it’s called MelaMagic. It’s by a company named Melaleuca and it is THE best carpet cleaner I’ve ever used. As a mom of seven children, I’ve tried everything and had every stain ever and have lived Folex, but I promise…This stuff is better. I had to buy it from a distributor, but they shipped it directly to my home. I love it! And it doesn’t have the harsh chemicals most stain remover employ. Try it!

  5. Ann says:

    A ballpoint pen leaked on a brand new polar fleece on Christmas, and Folex saved the day. No trace of that ink remained. We are major Folex fans in our house.