New Fabric for My Piano Bench

The other day Little B and I went to Hobby Lobby in search of New Fabric for My Piano Bench.  As much as I like white, this seat is not machine washable and after many years of use, its looking overly loved.  Time for a quick DIY update! 

New Fabric for My Piano Bench @ItsOverflowing

Above, did you notice the WiFi booster plugged in by the piano?  Read why I love it (here).  Now back to that piano update — before heading out, I measured the bench — it takes 5/8 of a yard of my favorite fabric(s).  We had trouble limiting it to a couple — so we picked up a some of my favorites and some of Little B’s favorites — a total of five to bring home and try in the room.  Lucky day, fabrics were on sale!

Covering Piano Bench @ItsOverflowing 2



Covering Piano Bench @ItsOverflowing 3



Covering Piano Bench @ItsOverflowing 6



Covering Piano Bench @ItsOverflowing 5



Covering Piano Bench @ItsOverflowing 4



Hobby Lobby Fabrics @ItsOverflowing 7

I have my favorite and Little B has hers — which fabric do you think works best in the living room!?!  Small print or large print?  Cream, White, Black, or Gray?  Opinions!?!?

Tall Upright Piano @ItsOverflowing 2

On the couch I still have my light pink pillow covers, but they won’t be staying long — I’m ready for a change!!!  They’ll make an appearance again around Easter.

IKEA Ektorp Sofas @ItsOverflowing

Okay, one last time — which is your favorite fabric for my piano bench!?!  1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 5

Hobby Lobby Fabrics @ItsOverflowing

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  1. Gerri says:

    I love your style and I love the fabric’s you pick. Where do you go to find them?

    • Thanks Gerri! Time has been lacking lately so I made one stop at Hobby Lobby and found all of these fabrics!!! XO, Aimee

  2. Tricia says:

    One and two!

  3. #2!

  4. Linda C in Seattle says:

    Love the design of # 3.

  5. I am liking #4 (but I bet Little B chose #1!)

  6. Tiffany says:


  7. Why not do a slip cover in white for the piano bench that way you can always take it off and wash it. if not #2 and #4 is nice it matches your pillow, rug and wall color.

  8. Melody says:

    I like 4.

  9. Cindy says:

    #1. Butterflies all the way.

  10. Pamela Bolton says:

    #2 or #4, in that order.

  11. Tracy says:

    Love the #5. Very classy.

  12. 5!! I think it transitions the the dark on the piano bench and the dark stain on the piano nicely. And now I “need” to see if my Hobby Lobby has that print as well, lol…

  13. Heidi says:

    I have always really liked #3 when I’ve seen it on pillows, but I think #4 looks best on your piano bench.

  14. As much as I love a Greek Fret I’m going to have to say 2 for this space! 🙂

  15. Lori says:


  16. 2nd matches the rug and pillows better than others but I personally liked 5th one which is the most interesting fabric among all.

  17. valarie says:


  18. Number 2 hands down.

  19. pam h. says:


  20. 2 is my first choice -second choice

  21. Stephanie says:

    #4 would be my first choice, followed by #5. They are all pretty options though!

  22. I like #3.

  23. Marybeth says:


  24. Victoria Bonnett says:


  25. Jennifer says:


    #5 was my first choice just looking at the fabric. But, when I saw them with the piano and bench, I quickly changed to #4!

  26. Angela says:

    #2 looks awesome! #4 is my 2nd choice. 😉

  27. #4! Use #4!

  28. #5- it makes me think of musical notes!

  29. I will say 4 ! It looks so natural with the piano with it, and match your walls

    I am curious what u have decided

  30. Kathleen says:

    I like #5 it goes well with the rug and does’t compete.

  31. I have an old piano very similar to that! 🙂 The bench didn’t come with fabric though. So the grand kids just banged it up a bit more than it already was 🙂

  32. Leila says:


  33. krista says:


  34. Cheri says:

    I like #2 or #4. Good luck.

  35. SM Edens says:

    # 5 — not trendy like the others 🙂

  36. Donna says:

    I like #5

  37. I like #5 the best but they’re all great! 🙂

  38. Diana says:

    Aimee, I like # 4 it blends best with the rug and pillows on the sofa.

  39. You both liked #3?!? Is that right Lydia?!?

  40. They are all so pretty, but for the piano bench, I really like the butterflies or number three. I enjoyed looking through some of your posts today, this is the first time I have visited “It’s overflowing”, from House of Rose link party and I will be sure to check back again soon! 🙂

  41. pamela murphy says:

    Love #2 & 3 🙂

  42. Lydia Wagner says:

    I’m pretty sure Anna & I picked the best one!! 😉

  43. Nicole says:

    I’m feeling like the second one is the winner – I love that it is similar to your area rug without being the same – and the scale being large on a small piece makes it fun.

    that’s my 2 cents for you! but, I’ll say that really, there is no wrong answer!

  44. #3!

  45. #2 is my fav!!

  46. Ralinn says:

    2 and 4. I “think” two ties in better with the rug. I don’t think 1 or 5 work well. I could be wrong. Could you make a slip cover instead and change it out periodically? That way you and B can both have your choice.

  47. Phyllis says:

    Love love love #2

  48. I love the butterflies! The black and white is so graphic and unique!

  49. The grey would match the rug and would not clash with other accents in the room such as your pillows, books, lamps and decor. Anything “loud” may be a problem in the future.

  50. Love #5! Brings the lightness of the room and the dark wood of the piano together. Such a cute living room!

  51. Five! Hands down!

  52. nan, odessa, DE says:

    Number 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444

    Keep going with the rug colors. You will change many things about this room but the rug, NOT AS OFTEN!

  53. Lisa Archer says:

    I like 4. I think it blends with your other colors and patterns.

  54. Patty says:

    Number 2…sofa pillows in same fabric!

  55. Jane B says:

    1st choice is #1 the butterflies! That choice adds a little pop and a surprise to the room so I just love it. I’m betting a dime that is your B’s favorite too 😉
    I know you didn’t ask, but my 2nd choice would be #5…

  56. Nancy says:

    My choice would be 2. Fresh and updated look.

  57. Sandy says:

    I love five with the dark wood of the piano.

  58. I love the butterflies!! So sweet and simple.