Kitchen Countertops Delivered

Our new Kitchen Countertops were delivered today!!!  This is my fourth kitchen remodel, not because I’m ultra picky, but each house we’ve lived in has had a kitchen that desperately needed an overhaul.  Although this is by far our nicest house, this was our first kitchen that had to be completely gutted — for more than just cosmetic preferences, the traffic flow didn’t work for a large family.  Already this space is making so much more sense and I keep having to pinch myself because it’s so pretty I can’t believe it’s mine!

Carrara Marble Countertops @ItsOverflowing 6

Shopping for my marble ended up being the most painless experience I’ve had so far with this remodel.  Our stone fabricator recommended I look online at Levantina’s website and find a slab that would work for my specifications.  I didn’t think anything of it until I started browsing slabs.  Too small, too small…and on and on.  I called my sister to tell her my situation and her response… I’m not surprised, why again did you need that big of an island!?!  I love it, but it’s huge.  I had a momentary freak out and then went back to searching.

Levantina Stone Company @ItsOverflowing

My island is 96 inches (8 feet) by 47 inches (almost 4 feet).  Each side needs an 1.5 inch overhang, with exception to the far end which needs a 12 inch overhang.  Finding a slab that was 109.5 inches x 50 inches was enough of a challenge — add to that — make it honed Carrara Marble.  Impossible.  So I made a call to my contractor (brave, right) and asked if he would check with the fabricator about being able to hone marble slabs.  I was so relieved by his response, Oh yes, that’s no problem!  With that I asked him to reserve a couple slabs of the particular lot that was prettier than I’d ever seen before, crossing my fingers it’d be as nice in person as it was online.

Carrara Marble Countertops @ItsOverflowing 2

My sister and I combined had been to nearly every stone company in the metroplex, but for some reason never here.  We were both so impressed with the service and the quality of their marble.  Seriously, look at the picture below, this was taken with my iphone, but I think you can tell the purity of this slab.  I made notes on the slab with a wax pencil so the fabricator would know my cut preferences!  (I’m not sure if they went with my recommendations or not — the slabs I chose were both flawless and could have been placed any which way and still look great!)

Carrara Marble Countertops @ItsOverflowing 3

The night before the slab was delivered Stud realized we hadn’t ever heard that the slab for the island would be delivered in one piece so he started preparing me that it could come in four pieces for all he knows and that however it is delivered, it will be beautiful once installed!  He knew I’d had several bumps in the remodel (not uncommon) and wanted to prepare me for worst case scenario (in my world).  Thankfully the island arrived perfectly in one piece and made the long trip up my walkway with five steps in front of my house!  Seriously impressive, although my stomach was in knots the entire time!

Carrara Marble Countertops @ItsOverflowing 4

These serious studs lifted the slab and measured to ensure it was exactly as I had requested.

DFW Stone Fabricator @ItsOverflowing

How much do you think a piece of marble this large weighs!?!?  Six strong guys were straining!!!

Carrara Marble Island @ItsOverflowing 5

The breakfast bar overhang is now exactly 12 inches with 1.5 inch overhang on the other three sides.

Best Dallas Marble @ItsOverflowing

I am totally ecstatic with my delivery, but…

Carrara Marble in Kitchen @ItsOverflowing

….in the pic above, can you see the one BIG oversight!?!

Carrara Marble Countertops @ItsOverflowing 7

Creating Our Dream Kitchen.


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  1. WOW I am so jealous of your kitchen make over! Really looks great <;)


  2. olvesfh says:

    Your kitchen looks really awesome. This kind of kitchen countertop fit for your kitchen.

  3. Ace says:

    Now that marble is fit for a royal family, that’s for sure!

  4. Beautiful marble slab! I have a similar looking countertop…. ordered honed… but it came in beautiful, glossy and shiny. I decided to just keep it and let it wear naturally.

  5. Nancy says:

    It’s polished, not honed!

  6. Nope, obviously not observant enough. Hopefully you will put me out of my misery in the next post! It does look beautiful though.

  7. I don’t see it? Looks gorgeous to me!

  8. Ralinn says:

    Beautiful. Not enough overhand on one side?

  9. They are gorgeous!!

  10. Amanda says:

    THE SINK!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Leslie says:

    They look incredible!! So clean and lovely!

  12. Kathleen Custis says:

    I get it The marble you wanted was not supposed to be honed matte finish not shiney.

  13. It sure doesn’t LOOK honed… But it’s lovely just the same! I wanted marble counters, but after a million fabricators told me how it would stain and be horrible I went with a similarly colored granite instead.

  14. I think they will cut the hole for the sink on sight like they did mine. I had an island that size in my last home and I love, love, loved it. You are going to adore this and the marble is fantastic.

  15. Yvette Graham says:

    Beautiful! Love it…can’t wait to remodel my kitchen. I am feeling inspired 🙂

  16. sara says:

    So where is your sink?

  17. valarie says:

    I blew up the picture is that a scratch or just a reflection?

  18. Victoria says:

    Um…is the breakfast bar supposed to be along the length, not along the width, of the island? Kind of a long reach from the range. 🙂 That’s the only possible oversight I can see.

  19. caroljane says:

    I can only dream of an island that big. Beautiful. I don’t see any oversights either. I just see beauty.

  20. Beautiful marble!! Your kitchen is gorgeous!!

  21. Mary Herron says:

    Your kitchen and the marble is just so beautiful! Just amazing. But what oversight? I don’t see anything.

  22. Stacey says:

    It’s just gorgeous!! I don’t see an oversight.