Kitchen Remodel Begins

Stop me when you get sick of this kitchen remodel because it’s become a bit of an obsession for me — not what I wanted, but it is much more overwhelming than I naively believed it would be.  It actually all began with us thinking we’d work on making the kitchen look better.  And with that, we removed this fluorescent light box, much like we did at our two story house several years ago.


We started by removing the light covers and the sneak peek at the existing drywall was a relief.


And then we removed the box and were totally bummed.  A recessed area in the ceiling — how lovely!  Not!  One of my biggest pet peeves is a remodel that looks like a remodel — we couldn’t just installed recessed lights without leveling the ceiling.  Ugh!

Kitchen Demo @ItsOverflowing

We finished removing the rest of the light fixture and it really did seem lighter and brighter so I just vowed to never look up at the ceiling while in the kitchen.


Our next quick fix was to remove the rounded cabinets in the family room, aka, the wet bar.  I’ve shown you before that the wet bar is behind the angled wall in the kitchen.  It’s a cramped little space the does a great job blocking natural light from the kitchen.


Getting the wine rack out of the way updated the area a bit, but still kind of a random spot for a sink!?!


And so we added up what we had set aside in our kitchen fund over the last year and shopped contractors (actually Stud did the contractor shopping I was busy — my baby sister and her three cuties were staying with us at the time).  I shared about the kitchen being gutted and that saga here.  And with a little negotiations the guys continued.  Unknown to the workers, in the evenings, Stud helped them towards their two week time crunch. Here he is scraping tile — that job is awful!


And to keep the dust to a minimum we had the entire kitchen contained inside plastic.


As the kitchen was cleared out, our custom cabinets were completed, but they weren’t ready for installation because electricity, Sheetrock, and plumbing needed to be finished first.  Our contractor wanted full payment for cabinets and paint when he showed up with half of our cabinets for us to store in our garage because the custom cabinet builder’s shop was full.  Pay in full for half the cabinets?!  Could they really have their final coat of paint prior to being assembled!?!   All shades of red flags were waving as I wondered if they’d deliver the other half of the cabinets, return to install the cabinets and complete the painting once they were installed if we already paid!?!  Stud stayed calm and we compromised — in the contractor’s favor.


He compromised because he could see progress happening inside and believed the contractor had a sense of pride in his work.  The recessed light box was leveled with Sheetrock.  The angled wall was gone and the long wall for cabinets had Sheetrock, too!  I’ll have to tell you how much higher our electricity bill is this month after two weeks of using our air conditioning to cool the attic in the middle of a Texas Summer!   Maybe should have planned to do a kitchen remodel in March, not August.

Building Kitchen Island @ItsOverflowing

At this point they were ready to bring the island into the house!  It was delivered in two pieces — it’s HUGE!  The middle channel allows room for electricity and plumbing.

Demo Kitchen @ItsOverflowing

We had our contractor contain the existing plumbing on the bottom level of one shelf in the island because tearing up our foundation to relocate the plumbing seemed like too major of a job to Stud and I.

Kitchen Island @ItsOverflowing

The island box in front is shorter because the frame for the dishwasher will be built around it when it is installed.

Kitchen Remodel @ItsOverflowing

Baby steps for sure!!!!

Creating Our Dream Kitchen.


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  1. wow! loving your progress so far, can’t wait to see more. i admire you for taking this on, it all seems overwhelming to me. you’ll have to let us know your thoughts on the process when it’s all over.

  2. OH my goodness! What renovations….it will be beautiful.
    I remember a similar thing with our cabinets, they arrived before all the work….and they were in our family room at the time….watching TV around the cabinets….however, having them arrive early worked in our favor…we realized one set was not made correctly and had it sent back…
    Can’t wait to see the final pics!

  3. I’ll be interested to follow along with your progress, Aimee. We’re remodeling a kitchen too. Wish we were as far along as you are!

  4. It’s always exciting when you start a new remodeling project, hope everything works out!

  5. So much hard work but it will look good when it is all finished

  6. Sue says:

    I hope you have no problems with your cabinet maker. Contractors really have some nerve, don’t they? This is why a written contract, previewed by your own attorney, is so important. It may cost you $100 but it is money well spent in the long run. You may not have problems at all but that could be because the contractor knows you are serious about getting a quality product on time.

  7. Oh my goodness…what a mess. At least progress is being made and eventually you will have your dream kitchen.

  8. It will be SO worth it when you are done, but boy is it a struggle to live through the mess and stress! Good luck…it looks like it’s starting to come together!

  9. Having just completed my own kitchen remodel that took on a life of it’s own, I understand your obsession completely!! Hang in there, it will all be so worth it when you’re done!