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Thank you so much for leaving such kind and supportive words in the comments of my last post, Kitchen Remodel Goes Bad!  I was seriously feeling the love and feel so blessed to have such sweet friends both near and miles away!!!  A few of you wondered how we found our contractor and I thought that was a great question.  Some friend of ours (they’re both doctors) recently moved into a new-to-them house and used this guy. We looked him up on better business bureau and although there was one report filed a couple years ago we felt good about moving forward.  I think with most people, weird behavior is tied to core issues at home. If I were to venture a guess, I would suspect this guy has personal problems and we got the brunt of his anger!?!  Sadly, the last post wasn’t the end to our struggles with him, but today’s update is a happy one because amidst a bunch of yuck, I have to look around and appreciate the big picture — a dream kitchen is a huge blessing!!!  And the gift of Stud and celebrating his birthday is a real BIG deal, too!

American Range 36 inch @ItsOverflowing

A few weeks back I shared my fun delivery on instagram — DREAMSBefore ordering,I looked at a lot of 36 inch ranges, but wanted to make sure I got the best product for the amount of money I was willing to spend.  I called my friend Sarah, you’ve seen her houses — Stunning 1920s Remodel and MidCentury Modern.  She had told me a couple years ago that she loved her range. When I talked to her a month ago she was still loving it. After checking reviews, I ordered an AMERICAN RANGE – 36 inch.

American Range 36 inch @ItsOverflowing

Our only complaint is when My New Professional Range was delivered the guys lifted up on the oven door and the latch became loose on one side.  I was real concerned, but the guy on the phone said it was a simple fix and sent us directions through email.  Totally good as new!!!

American Range 36 inch @ItsOverflowing 2

Realizing we were without a contractor meant some of the grunt work would need to be done by us.  We (Stud, My Bro-in-Law, My Sis, and Me) took on moving the range the next day.  The range sat high on a solid wood pallet — over by the breakfast table.  The distance seemed impossible when we considered the weight of this beast.

American Range 36 inch @ItsOverflowing 3

But we worked as a team and used 2x4s to lift and lower the range until it was finally where it belonged!!!  Notice all the blankets protecting the marble!?!  It all survived the move perfectly.  Stud was able to get the gas connected using a Safety Plus Gas Installation Kit for Range and we used gas leak detectors liquid to be extra careful that the seal was secure.

American Range 36 inch @ItsOverflowing 4

Celebrating a day of accomplishment!!!

Slowly we’re getting to use our kitchen!

White Custom Cabinets @ItsOverflowing

And also celebrating my sweet hubby’s birthday!!!

In the midst of a whole lot of stress through this kitchen remodel,

I am thankful to be married to my best friend.

A man that works hard to make our dreams come true!

Chocolate Birthday Cake @ItsOverflowing

A man that has a great sense of humor and enjoys chocolate cake as much as me!

Daddys Birthday @ItsOverflowing

A man that chooses his family as his number one hobby!

Oreo Cake Birthday Party @ItsOverflowing

(Whatever happened to no shirt, no shoes, no service?!?)

Creating Our Dream Kitchen.


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  1. sorry it’s turning into a kitchen nightmare, but wow is it gorgeous!

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