Organizing My Bathroom Drawer

Warning — this is a drawer that even shocked Stud!  Typically, I maintain an organized home.  One of my favorite hobbies is implementing systems that simplify life for my family — it is totally fulfilling!

Organizing Bathroom Drawers @ItsOverflowing 4

But when a space is used just by me, sometimes I let it slide.  Like most moms, there are few areas that are exclusively mine — let me introduce you to my makeup drawer, aka, my junk drawer!!!

Organizing Bathroom Drawers @ItsOverflowing 2

A couple observations worth noting — 1). I have had a teenager complexion over the last few stressful months, so much so that I asked my doctor what I should do about it and she gave me the samples that sit unused in my junk drawer.  2). The toothbrush in this drawer has always been used as an eyebrow brush.  3). I bought the pink eyebrow trimmers on the top right side of the drawer, a few months ago.  They seemed like a great concept, but old fashion plucking works best for me.  4). I like Cover Girl Aqua Smooth Compact Makeup during the summer months because the application is so fast an it adds another layer of sun protection.  5). Over half of this stuff is trash!  After tossing the trash, I finally put to us Drawer Organizers that I’d purchased when we first moved into our traditional home a hear ago.

Organizing Bathroom Drawers @ItsOverflowing 3

A while back I wrote a post about decorating made easy with contact paper — I love this stuff.  There are so many uses for it and today, I used it for the intended purpose — lined a drawer!  I can’t believe how much better the drawer looked when you couldn’t see the flaking paint and flyaway hairs!

Organizing Bathroom Drawers @ItsOverflowing 4

And this is how the drawers are looking twenty minutes later!  Eye necessities bin, makeup bin, lipstick tub, eye makeup dish, a sections for makeup brushes, my toothpaste and toothbrush, and an assortment of rubber bands.

Organizing Bathroom Drawers @ItsOverflowing 5

 I’m kicking myself for living a whole year with all that chaos!

Organizing Bathroom Drawers @ItsOverflowing 6

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  1. I’ve done this in my bathroom, but my compartments are overflowing now. Yes, I need to dump everything out and redo it. Thanks for inspiring me to get it done! Make life easier. 🙂

  2. What a great post! You have totally inspired me to attack a “junk draw” in my kitchen which I can hardly close! I checked out the link where you purchased your dividers and I will be getting a set. Thank you for sharing this. Rosie @ The Magic Hutch

  3. I love your blog and I love the simple contact paper idea! This is on my to do list. I feel like our whole house is organized except the things that only I see… like my bathroom drawers. Which make me the most crazy! Thanks for sharing. On another note, I’m an Arbonne Independent Consultant and I’d love to help you sort out your skin if those samples don’t work. Shoot me an email!

  4. I like this I often want to organize my drawers and bathroom if only I had more room or more money but I make do with what I have

  5. I really, really need to do something like this with my makeup… it is out of control! I really love the liner you added to the bottom of the drawer, too.

  6. Lizbeth says:

    Love it! You are an inspiration!