DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree

I want to thank each of you for leaving me such sweet comments yesterday as I shared day one of my house tour!  I’ll share more rooms in the days to come, but today I have a fun diversion!  I had a total blast on my Key West Weekend Getaway and one of the biggest treats was getting to work with a local artist to create a fantastic DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree for The Gates Hotel Key West.  Here’s the scoop!

#coastprojects @ItsOverflowing

COAST is in a general sense, about life on the edge – where land meets sea and the spirit of exploration and unknowing meet the safety of the shoreline….

Stoke Island 640 Front @ItsOverflowing

At COAST, we build the goods we need to lead the life we want to live – just like people did not too long ago. And with these time-honored tools in hand, we set out to push limits and to see what we’re made of – life on the edge.”

Coast Projects @ItsOverflowing

When I arrived, Billy had already drawn out a plan for the 9 foot driftwood Christmas tree (below).

Driftwood Christmas Tree Plans @ItsOverflowing

We followed Billy and Austin to one of their secrets stashes close to the sea.

#CoastProjects Cushman @ItsOverflowing

My sister and I were surprised when the guys took out their hatchets and began chopping away.

Gathering Driftwood @ItsOverflowing

Back at the shop, they constructed a base to support the tree.

DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree @ItsOverflowing

Then a round piece of wood was cut to represent the width of the tree the hotel was requesting.

KeyWest Christmas @ItsOverflowing

Around the circular piece of wood, holes were drilled at an equal distance from each other.  String was tied at one end, pulled through an eye hook at the top of the trunk, and tied again on the opposite end.

#CoastProjects Driftwood @ItsOverflowing

As we went along, Billy and Austin used a saw to trim pieces of the driftwood we had gathered and toted back on the cushman.

DIY Christmas Tree @ItsOverflowing

The green string helped us know how to space each piece of driftwood as it was added.

Reclaimed Wood Christmas Tree @ItsOverflowing

Here I am doing what I love…totally focused!

DIY Christmas @ItsOverflowing

Almost finished!

Stokes Island @ItsOverflowing

And here is the tree still at COAST with a few buoys added in the place of ornaments.

Driftwood Christmas Tree @ItsOverflowing

I absolutely love how involved The Gates Hotel Key West is with the locals.  Ready for the reveal!?!

Gates Hotel Key West @ItsOverflowing

First, another pic from inside the lobby.  I love the wood paneled walls!

Gates Lobby ItsOverflowing

A close up of the DIY Driftwood Christmas Tree!

Driftwood Tree @ItsOverflowing

Be sure to stop by and check out this tree if you visit Key West this month.

Gates Key West Driftwood Tree @ItsOverflowing

Anyone know of a secret stash of driftwood in Texas?!

Key West Weekend Getaway

Deck the Halls – Christmas Decor

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  1. Mindy says:

    Love it! We usually have a regular evergreen tree of some sort (real or faux) but I decorate with white starfish and sand dollars hung with ribbons along with a few other shell ornaments. This year, because of a temporary issue with space, we have a small tree but I still decorated with the shells and I actually used the fish netting like in this picture – how fun!

  2. Lauren says:

    If there was driftwood around me, I’d take my own hatchet and start chopping!

  3. Natalie says:

    The results are impressive…thanks for showing the process.

  4. Amy says:

    I want to make one of these next year for my beach house. I think I will decorate it with seashells.

  5. Carrie says:

    What an adventure you had! The tree is amazing! xo

  6. Sam says:

    Another island I need to explore.

  7. Karol Campbell says:

    I love it. Such fun. I have imagination but lack follow through.

  8. Diana says:

    Thanks Aimee that tree is perfect for the Keys. Very creative!

  9. Meredith says: