DIY Vintage Spool Thread Holder

It’s not a secret that I love a good thrift store find!  On the worst day of my life (maybe that’s a little dramatic, but it was bad), my sweet hubby made my day by surprising me with stopping at what has forever since been marked as the very best antique store EVER, Antique Tobacco Barn.  You can click over to that link and see all the pics, but for a quick refresher, here’s some of the fabulous treasures I walked away with on that day that quickly became one of my favorite vacation memories!

I fell in love with these wooden spools instantly and the entire lot was only $3, how could I resist!?!  Of course, when I go home I was faced with the million dollar question: What do I do with these vintage spools!?  I needed a Thread Holder, one equally cute to my fun new spools!  My solution…

…came through my sweet mother-in-law.  As if she were reading my mind, she called from a thrift store with a golf ball holder in hand.  It wasn’t quite the looker yet, but the shape was definitely right!

Removing the back of this was a total beat down.  I tried with a screw driver, with plyers…

but, to no avail UNTIL, I pulled out a Mini Pry Bar.  I have a new love for this sweet little tool.  Anything that can pull out staples in effort to scratch golf green turf fabric from my home decor is a friend of mine.

I replaced the golf green turf fabric with some drop cloth fabric that I had laying around.  That one drop cloth has stretched far: Covering a Mat in an Ugly Frame, Sewing a Super Long Table Runner….

With a little white paint and replaced fabric, I secured the backing in place with another one of my bestie tools, my staple gun.  Do you have one of these!?  I’m always amazed by how inexpensive some of the best hand tools are, the staple gun for one!

I love being able to recycle other people’s junk into my own treasures!  Anything with white paint, burlap, and that’s vintage is the perfect eye candy for this girl!  What about you…what treasures have you found lately?!  You can always find my thrifty finds and thrifty find updates here!

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  1. Love all the pretty vintage thread on the wood spools 🙂 Such a cute way to display them. Smart and crafty!!

  2. A golf-ball holder
    Of course!
    Why didn’t I think of that….???
    I have a old thread collection in the basement too, just waiting for me to think of a way to display it….
    Maybe someday I’ll come up with something as clever as this….

    hugs x

  3. That is awesome and I am totally jealous of your mini pry bar. What a great little tool!

  4. I’m not a fan of the golf ball holder, but I’m a big fan of your makeover! Way to turn it into a treasure! Thanks for joining the party at One Creative Weekend! I hope to see you back tomorrow.

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