Painting Designs on Walls: Creative Stencil Ideas

I love the look of painting designs on walls: creative stencil ideas.  Not only does it look great, the price is much more affordable than wallpaper and when the look is no longer your thing, it’s very easy to throw up a fresh coat of paint and change a room’s direction!  Cutting Edge Stencil has tons of stencils…

Remember my houndstooth pillow!?!   I love this pattern…a duotone textile pattern often in black and white, NOT always (keep reading)!  I chose a houndstooth stencil for my office (small space in my family room), I thought it’d be a great subtle room divide.  I love how a very blank slate become super fun and stylish!  Want to see how I did it?!?!  It’s pretty straight forward!

I attached the level to the bottom of my stencil, it slides right on.  Then, using painter tape I secured the stencil to the top left corner of my wall.  With the stencil secure, I rolled Sherwin Williams ‘Chatroom’ paint all over, with a mini-roller.  (It’s recommended to use craft paint, but this is one of the colors I’d already chosen to incorporate in my home so I went with it…and it seemed to work great for me.)  Each time I moved my stencil, I overlapped the design and used the level to ensure the design was painted onto my wall straight.  When I finished the area behind my desk, I used painter’s tape to put a border around the design.  This wasn’t necessary, but I love it lots!

And here’s my new office area!  Way more fun, don’t you think!  I watched a good chick flick as I painted and it took me just over two hours.  Well worth the time!  Speaking of chick flicks, what new movies have you watched that I should catch up on!?!  Suggestions!?!

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Painting Designs on Walls-Creative Stencil Ideas ItsOverflowing

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Painting Designs on Walls-Creative Stencil Ideas-ItsOverflowing

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Painting designs on walls, so simple and yet such a huge impact!

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  1. The houndstooth wall is amazing – such an underused pattern these days. The grey and white color palette is perfect.

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