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Remember my Spring Mantel from last year!?!?  The spotlight was my DIY Frame — shabby chic, made with reclaimed wood (these are 8×10 pictures)!  I love them so much and thought that something similar on another wall in my house would be perfect!  Here’s how we created a great knockoff with new wood…


We measured my original DIY Frame’s individual boards.  The length of the vertical boards were 18 inches and the width of each board was roughly 3 1/2 inches.  And the two boards running horizontal were 17 1/2 inches.

DIY Frame ItsOverflowing

To keep with the authentic look, we decided to use fence pickets to recreate this frame.

DIY Frame ItsOverflowing 2

Using the miter saw, we cut the ends of the fence pickets off and then measured and cut five – 18 inch lengths….AND two – 17 1/2 inch lengths from 1/2 inch whitewood.

DIY Frame ItsOverflowing 4

Then it was time to be patient!  Fence boards are usually water logged and will shrink as they dry.  If you’re making one of these cute frames, you’ll want to hold off putting the frame together until the boards have reached their dry state.

DIY Frame ItsOverflowing 3

With the pickets lined up next to each other, we marked off the length of whitewood needed.  Approximately 17.5 inches.

DIY Frame ItsOverflowing 5

Using a small drill bit to avoid cracking the wood,  attach the white wood horizontal board to the pickets using 3/4 inch wood screws as pictured below.

DIY Frame ItsOverflowing 6

We found some very cheap labor (paid with candy) to paint the frames with furniture rollers, and then touched up with a brush.

DIY Frame ItsOverflowing 7

The painters did good…check it out!  I picked up bulldog clips at Walmart (after checking around at many office supply stores).  They were just a couple dollars for a package.  I attached them to the wood with my hot glue gun, added a sawtooth frame hanger to the backside of the frame, and hung them on the wall!

Build an Easy Picture Frame ItsOverflowing

I love being able to switch out pictures regularly!  And while I love my shabby chic frames, this frame with a little more of a modern flair is pretty fun, too!

How to Build a DIY Frame ItsOverflowing

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  2. These frames are gorgeous!

  3. These frames are perfect for my house. I love DIY projects and I will definitely be trying this one. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

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