Chalkboard Paint Easter Eggs

I love Chalkboard Paint.  It’s multifunctional and is the perfect contrast for all the white I use in my decor.  I love Decorating Easter Eggs!  Check out my chalkboard paint Easter eggs.
I had some leftover chalkboard paint from various projects, like my Halloween Wreath.  I set my hard boiled eggs on a small sliver of toilet paper roll to keep my fingers cleaner…my kids loved that.  LOL. My little finger saving trick did leave a ridge along the edge of where the egg met the holder, but since it’s all about fun, it didn’t bug me a bit…neither did my sweet B’s.
If you’re more patient than I and use thinner coats you can probably alleviate the line…I’m not exactly a chilled crafter!  I like the results a little more than the process at time.  Yikes!  I hope that doesn’t disappoint you!  Needless to say, that’s why all my crafts are usually, SIMPLE!


I picked up some edible grass, green apple flavor and tossed it in the bowl.  My sweet B’s LOVE this stuff…even though it’s taste is bland and texture similar to astronaut food.  They’re all about having candy at their reach!


I tossed the hardboiled eggs on top of the grass and since they were all tucked in their beds, I had some fun decorating myself!  That’s the beauty of chalkboard paint, the craft fun lives on and on and on!
My package of chalk was all of 99 cents at Target and thinking of different designs was totally FUN!
So where am I keeping it!?!?  I set my bowl and chalk right smack dab in the middle of my coffee table…candy, chalk and eggs ALL!  And yep, it was ALL smiles in the morning from my sweet B’s!  In fact, I think these sweet eggs have had about a thousand lives already!  I’m always amazed by the creativity of children
Aren’t they DARLING! {Cowboys and Rangers are both represented here.}

 I love the simplicity of Little B’s sweet flower!

I know it’s old school, but I just think chalkboard paint totally ROCKS!  Definitely come back tomorrow morning and follow along with all the AWESOME egg ideas my bloggy friends have come up with…you’ll be in L.O.V.E. and totally INSPIRED.

Inspired by Budget Celebrations


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