How to Make a Sponge Ball – Summer Water Fun!

Sponge Balls + Bucket of Water = Summer Fun for Kids!
Summer Water Fun
This week I’m sharing fun summer fun activities for my sweeties {and yours, too}.
After checking out several stores, I found the best sponge deal at Walgreens…9 for $2.99!
I cut each sponge into three pieces lengthwise –
removing the wavy portion on both sides of each sponge.
Place the pieces in order as pictured above,
six pieces layered across and stacked three pieces high.
Place a piece of jute string under the sponges along the center.
Wrap the string around the sponges and pull it tight.  Tie the string in a double knot.
Tah Dah….a Sponge Ball!
Summer Water Fun
Trim the string, finish dinner, and WIPE that face!
Summer Water Fun
Brother vs. Brother…dinner’s over…it’s on!
Summer Water Fun
Easy going on the first dunk.
Non-stop Running, Laughter and LOTS and LOTS of Water Bombing!
Way better than a water balloon fight…and the cool thing…
the battle will continue all Summer long…they’ve already
made me promise they can do it all over again tomorrow!
TOTAL Summer Water Fun!
Summer Water Fun


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