DIY: How to Build a Wall Mount Bookshelf

The key to any child’s room is finding creative solutions for organizing.  Being able to use their toys and books as decor is an excellent way to achieve this goal. When Little B was young, we added Potterybarn wall-mount bookshelves to her nursery, similar to the picture below.  By the time our boys arrived, we decided to create our own DIY wall mount bookshelf.  It didn’t take too much time or effort.  I’ll show you how to build a wall mount bookshelf for your child’s room, too.


Little B has always loved books…

At almost ten, she is an avid reader, she can breeze through a 200 page book in just a few hours…she just can’t get enough!  “I love getting lost in books.” -Little B

Published in the journal Research in Social Stratification and Mobility

We made three that stack on top of each other for the boys room…it was such a deal compared to ordering three…and it only took a few hours (including paint time).  I love that they are able to help clean up their room!

DIY: How to build a Wall Mount Bookshelf:

  1. Purchase whatever length 1×6 boards you’re wanting for your space.
  2. Cut two boards per shelf, each the same length, the amount you’d like your shelf to extend.
  3. Cut two side pieces with a bit of an arc to enhance the look (we used a bowl to trace the arc).  These pieces will be 6 3/4″ wide and the height will be the same width as your 1×6 board.
  4. Cut two narrow strips of wood 1/2″ longer than the length of boards in #1.
  5. Line the pieces up as pictured below and attach with brad gun, then secure with screws.
  6. When securing with screws, use a countersink bit so the screws are hidden.
  7. Finish the wall-mount bookshelf by attaching thin boards across the front with a brad gun.
  8. Mount directly to wall studs or with 100 pound wall anchors.

Enjoy raising geniuses…Research in Social Stratification and Mobility says just the presence of books has a direct correlation with a child’s success.

Did you see how I made the canvas art above the shelf!?!  Such an easy project.

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  1. Holly says:

    I just found your shelves and love them! They are just what I have been needing to store library books. How far apart did you mount them on your wall? It seems like the perfect distance for all sizes of books. Thanks for the great idea and for the tutorial! 🙂

  2. Leah says:

    Questions for you on this before I build it:

    1.) are the ones you have in the pictures here all made from 1×6’s?

    2.) how much space between the shelves did you allow when you mounted them?


  3. Hi there- I am going to help my daughter make some of these for her new nursery. The tutorial is exactly what I am looking for- but can you explain what you used to afix them to the wall? Is a 100 lb anchor the thing that you can hang pictures with? If so, do you use two on the back or just one? If that is what you use, do you have any issues with balancing the shelf? Sorry for all the questions. I am a subscriber to your blog, also! Thanks so much!

    • Because they are heavy, we use a stud finder and locate the studs. We mark where the studs are and then draw a line along the stud that can be seen when holding the shelves where they will be installed. Using a drill, we drill through the shelf into the wall to make a hole in both the shelf and wall. Then through the hole we insert a heavy duty screw. After the first screw is inserted, we put a small level on the shelf and drill the second hole on the other side. (The books hide the screws, but you can countersink the holes on the shelves and fill the holes with wood filler to hide them if you prefer). We did two high screws and two lower screws — all into studs. Your daughter is so blessed to have you helping with the nursery!!! Congratulations to both of you on the sweet bundle of joy on the way!!! XO, Aimee

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